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It's not a goodbye, just see you later...


What an incredible 3 years it has been since we started CHICNaturalistas, a platform we created to inspire women to embrace their natural hair in style! We could not be more thankful for CHICNaturalistas and where it has taken us. Never in a million years would we have imagined how it would open our eyes to our true passion, purpose and careers!!

Over the last three years we have experienced many joys, accomplishments and milestones that we will forever cherish. It is important for us to continue to live out our true purpose by sharing the pieces of our lives that we cherish most. With time, comes evolvement and we have evolved into wives, a mother, businesswomen, and more and we would love to share all of these experiences and beyond. Although it was a tough decision, we have decided to end our blog and create personal blogs where we can continue to share our stories. We know this is best for our own individual purposes and passions and we could not be happier for this new journey and exciting time in both of our lives.

We are forever thankful for where CHICNaturalistas has taken us, but even more proud of where we are both going!

Brittany will be launching her blog, tomorrow!! Marz On The Move is a lifestyle blog curated by Brittany. It will focus on fashion, travel, food and her life as a military spouse! Brittany plans to start an event planning company and will share more details of that venture soon!

Dayna will be launching her blog in late March! Dayna’s website will focus on her love for fashion, natural hair and her lifestyle as a businesswoman, mom and wife. Dayna is also expanding her passions into an exciting business, that she will be thrilled to share soon!

As you can see we are both steadfast in building our brands and we are so very excited for the paths we are both going. We want to take the time to thank everyone who has supported CHICNaturalistas over the past three years. Your encouragement, love and support did not go unnoticed and we are forever grateful! We are even more thankful that we were able to experience this TOGETHER and it will always be near and dear in our hearts.

This is definitely not a goodbye, just a see you later, and we hope that you all will continue to follow us both on our journey- there is so much in store for us!!

With Love,

Stay CHIC,

Dayna and Brittany

Curlkalon NYC Pop Up Shop & Salon

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This past weekend, I had the honor of being the special guest at Curlkalon's NYC pop-up shop and salon! I ventured to NYC with my girls (mom, sis, and Ari) for the event and it was a blast!! The event was filled with cro-slaying, mixing and mingling!! I had the honor of having my hair styled by celebrity hair stylist and Curlkalon's Stylist Ambassador, Dani (@vanitybydanit). She is known for her tapered crochet styles, so it was only right that she styled my hair giving me my signature taper, using Curlkalon "Toni curl" hair!! 

Check out my latest post of me installing Curlkalon hair myself!! 

Stay CHIC,


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Last weekend I flew to Jacksonville to host an amazing Naturals Night Out Event! It was amazing; it was filled with meeting supporters, presenting, and overall having a great time. But I am not going to lie, the weekend was exhausting. I flew out of Jacksonville at 8 am and landed in Baltimore at 10 am. I got a text from my photographer asking "Are we still shooting today?"

 I immediately looked at the text and wanted to reply back  "no, I am too tired, can we cancel." But then I thought to myself: "don't cancel this shoot, if you cancel you won't have any content for the week, so suck it up and DO IT!"

I lazily made it back home by 11 am, restyled my hair, picked out my outfits, did my make-up, and made it to my shoot by 1:00! I took these awesome pics, left by 3, and drove to Philadelphia where Aria was staying there with her grandparents. At this point I was DONE, exhausted and ready to just go straight to bed. But Aria missed me all weekend and I missed her even more, so we had to catch up and play together!

After dinner, I went to bed; only to have to wake up the next morning at 4 am to drive BACK to Baltimore to drop Aria off at daycare and get to work by 9. Most days I ask myself, how do I do it? Am I superwoman? Nope, just a woman that finds a way to get it done, ever single time. 

After driving two hours back to Baltimore, I was beyond exhausted. I walked into work and saw a card on my desk. The card was from a long-time co-worker and friend. Inside the card read an amazing note congratulating me on a great weekend, and encouraging me to continue to push hard towards my passion!

I immediately cried like a baby after this note. It was so unexpected and so on time!! You just never know who is watching and rooting you on. As tired as I was this week, I kept it pushing 

because my goals are bigger than my exhaustion. I would rather be tired as hell, knowing I am working towards my goals, than full of energy achieving nothing.

So I wrote this post to encourage you too to keep pushing!! No matter how hard it get, still find a way to get it done!! I know that will be my mentality all 2017!! Team No excuses!!! 


 Jacket: Primark
Fur: Primark
Shoes: Ego Official
Jeans: Forever 21
Top: Top Shop

Speak It into Existence

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urban-freedom-magazine-dayna-bolden-cover-shoot 7.jpg

At first, when I thought about writing this post I was just going to add these dope behind the scenes images of my magazine shoot and say “OMG I am going to be on a magazine cover”. You would scroll through the images, and then go on about your day. But then I said screw that, I need to talk about HOW I am going to be on a magazine cover and WHY this moment means so much to me.

I started 2017 with some big goals, just like most of you. Coming off of an amazing 2016, my goals and hopes are high for this year. The one thing I told myself that I wanted to do this year, was to build a legacy. I want to set myself, my brand CHICNaturalistas, and family up for the future. I told myself this year is about living, growing and achieving my goals within my passion. I have an amazing brand that I cannot wait to continue to elevate this year. This is all a part of building that legacy. 

I am a firm believer of speaking the things you want into existence. If you think it, proclaim it, you can achieve it, this is firmly what I believe and it has been working for me! The things I have done, I told myself I would do. When I wrote down my goals for this year; to be honest, being on a magazine cover was not on the list, but what was on the list, was building a legacy. I asked myself: what are the things that you are going to do this year to help build that legacy? How can I continue to live out my passions while inspiring and uplifting other women to achieve theirs? These are the type of things I am challenging myself with this year. Building a plan that will live after the hype and quote on quote “instal-fame”. 

So to fast forward to this magazine shoot, when I was asked to be a part of the February issue of Urban Freedom Magazine “Making Black History” edition, I was beyond honored because this is EXACTLY what I set out to do this year: make history! I cannot describe how excited I am to be a part of this project. I am always so humbled when I meet genuine, real people who really appreciate and value what I do. I don’t think I will ever get use to this feeling. 

To the women out there, that are still apprehensive about going after their dreams, my advice for you is DO IT. 

Don’t sit back waiting for someone to GIVE you your dream because they are not. No one is going to hand you your dream wrapped up nicely with a bow. It just does not happen for US.

You can control the things you want in life by truly going after it, and putting in the WORK.

I cannot wait to build my legacy this year, and continue to make black history!! Thank you again Urban Freedom Magazine for having me as your COVER GIRL!!! A special shout out to the Urban Freedom's owner Mercedez for giving me this amazing opportunity and Urban Freedom's Creative Director, Lo for the awesome interview! They both were such a pleasure to work with. 

Order the magazine here NOW! I would appreciate the love and support. 
Stay CHIC,


Gettin' My Skincare On!!


It's 2017! Yes, I had to state the obvious like everyone else has been doing for the past 9 days! It's just the beginning folks!

Now that is out of the way let's talk about skincare! One of my bestie's, Morgan, started an organic skincare company called Savage Glow! We have featured her company on our CHIC Biz Spotlight segment foud here. Since her feature business booming and she has expanded her product line. 

Morgan's goal this year was to make me fall in love with skincare and that she did! I tried her Matcha Aloe Vera Face Mask! 

With me being a face mask virgin the directions on the back on were helpful!

I mixed less than a tablespoon of water with 3 tablespoons of the powder!


Rinse and look fab!

I love how smooth and refreshed my skin felt after! You can find this mask here

Stay CHIC,
Marcy Marz


CHIC Style | Multi Colored Trench

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Hey CHIC's, hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!!! My Christmas was awesome; it was time well spent with my family in Philadelphia, which is what I cherish the most!! Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year, and this year was a great one!! My favorite gift I received was a ring light from the hubby and new luggage from my parents!! This all means that my picture and travel game will be on another level next year, haha!

So, about today's look! I am excited to share this coat because it is everything!!  This jacket is from Meows and Barks Boutique! In the winter time, I am always on the hunt for statement jackets and this one is definitely it!! I love the multi-colored fur trim it is so perfect. Since the jacket is the statement, I kept this look simple and paired it with a basic tee from Royaltique, jeans, boots and choker from Jules Smith! This is the perfect look to step into the new year in STYLE!

Images: @Apeture

Jacket: Meows and Barks
Choker: Jules Smith
Tee: Royaltique
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Shoedazzle

CHIC Style | Vintage Finds!

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Thrifting is something my mom introduced me to as a child. I never kept up with it because I felt like I could never find anything! Lately I'm been going more frequently and finding some amazing pieces! I love thrifting because it allows me to be so creative with my looks! It's definitely more of my style to wear unexpected and unique pieces!

I've always wanted a vintage Coach purse and I FiNALLY found one! It's beautiful! I just can't get over how well made it is! They just don't make handbags like this anymore!

Every piece from this look I found thrifting except my shoes and faux vest. These velvet beauties are from Zara (found here). They were a Christmas gift from my mom! :) My faux vest is from a boutique in New York years ago (here's a similar one on Poshmark)! 

Check out this look below!

Special thanks to my amazing photographer Kala of Kala C Photography!

CHIC Style | G O L D + Holiday Cheer


I can't believe the holidays are nearly here and gone already! Christmas is a special time for Alonzo and I because he proposed on Christmas Eve and it is truly one of the best memories of my life! Nothing fancy just at home with friends. This year is a little different for us. Alonzo has to stay in this area for the holidays so we won't be spending it friends and family. The brightside is we'll create new traditions! 

The holidays just aren't the same without a look that shines! Glitter, sequin, gold, silver, these are all the things that usually are incorporated into any holiday look. Because I am who I am I had to change it up a bit! I paired my gold pleated skirt with a leather jacket! I layered it with a velvet turtleneck dress i found while thrifting! I will most likely style this piece again so you all will get the full effect.

Check out how I styled this look!!

JACKET | F21 (similar here)

Photographer: Kala C. Photography

Happy Holiday CHICs!

Stay CHIC,
Marcy Marz

CHIC Style | Holiday Style Featuring Royaltique

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Yesssss, we are "reunited and it feels SO GOODDD" (cues music!) Last week, Brittany visited Baltimore and of course it was only right that we got in a quick photo session to SLEIGH before the holidays! We teamed up with Royaltique for these CHIC holiday looks!! Royaltique is an online boutique based in Baltimore Maryland. What we love about Royaltique is that they hand pick pieces for the everyday girl who must be everything all of the time! 

These outfits can make for the perfect holiday look!! We are both obsessed with the sweater and jacket that we wore. Not only are they warm to fight against this brutal weather, but they are super stylish and CHIC!! 

Check out Royaltique they are offering 20% off their site, so it is a perfect time to shop our looks! 

PHOTOS BY: @apeture


Jacket: Royaltique
Skirt: Royaltique
Tee: Royaltique
Boots: Ego Official

Sweater: Royaltique
Skirt: Forever21
Boots: Aldo

CHIC Style | Oh How I Love Velvet!


If you don't have SOMETHING velvet in your closet you are missing one of the key staples this winter!! This dress was not only comfy but it's my favorite color! I had to have it and I even bought one for my sister! These days I've been putting together looks with no thought just whatever comes to mind and I love the way it's been coming together! Check out how I style this look!

Faux Leather Jacket | F21 (similar here)
Turtleneck | F21
Velvet Dress | F21 (similar here)
Booties | Aldo (old)

Photographer: Kala C. Photography

Stay CHIC,
Marcy Marz

Why Wood Watches by JORD Are a Must-Have!


If you haven't heard of JORD let me be the first to tell you about this brand! JORD createa the most beautiful wood watches! They are unique, well made and definitely have a deeper purpose than just simply telling you the time.

"The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count." 

I've always loved watches! My mom always had a very nice watch and she even bought me my first Timex! This was my first wood watch and I was so impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship. I'm not sure if the picture truly does it justice! When you think of a wood watch you may think it's creeky or uncomfortable. No! Not this watch! This watch fits my wrist comfortably and definitely gives any look a clean yet rustic CHIC look!

Each watch comes in this beautiful wood box, complete with cleaner and cleaning cloth! 

You're in luck! Starting today we can win a gift card for $50 towards your every own JORD watch! It can be yours! Head over to our Instagram to enter! 

If you would like to purchase a JORD Watch here are the links:

To link to the men's shop :

To link to the women's shop :

To link to my watch:

I chose to style my watch with a cute-ugly (oxymoron maybe?) Christmas sweater I got from Forever 21 (similar here)! I loved the way the colors flowed together!

Photography by: Kala C. Photography

Stay CHIC,
Marcy Marz






FashionDayna3 Comments

Words can't describe the feeling I had when Angela, the owner of The N Natural Hair Studio asked me to style and creative direct her photoshoot for the launch of the Goddess Locs style at her salon! Her exact words were "I want a editorial lifestyle" feel, and I just ran with it! I was charged with picking the photographer, model, makeup artist and OUTFITS!! To say this was a hefty task is an understatement, but I accepted the challenge!!

I teamed up with some AMAZING creatives in the DMV area and I am so very excited with the outcome of these photos!! The photographer Arthur is amazing. He was a huge help for me and he produced beautiful work!! The Model R'manda (@glowprincesss) is simply STUNNING, she seriously did not take a bad photo. My friend and makeup artist Ronke (@ronkeraji), simply SLAYED R'manda's makeup. I am just so pleased with the final results of this shoot!! After seeing how R'manda killed this hairstyle by the N Natural Hair Studio, this is definitely a style I want on my protective style list to come!! 

Check out a few images from the shoot! It was SO HARD to pick them because we had so many great ones, but here are a few of my favorites!!


Special Thanks to The N Natural Hair Studio for allowing me to lead this project!! 

PHOTOGRAPHER: @bysirarthur
MODEL: @glowprincesss
MUA: @ronkeraji

Dayna Collabs with Blogger Rocky of Itsarockyworld

Dayna2 Comments

This week, I am super excited to collaborate with my girl Rocky of! I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with her this past weekend in her town of Philly! I was excited to collaborate with Rocky because we have been following each other for a while and have developed a friendship via social media. We finally met, and it was like we have been friends forever!

My family lives in Philly, so visiting there is something I do often, so  meeting up with Rocky was a no brainer! She decided to take me to a showroom she frequents called Spot86! Customers can shop with Spot86 online or visit their showroom in Philly! The showroom was SO NICE! It is the cutest little place, with high-fashion unique pieces!! We spent some time trying on clothes and working with their Creative Director Jordan. She helped us pick out the CHIC pieces we are wearing in this post!! 

In this first look, I definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone. I went for a sexy, chic high fashion look! This dress is definitely made for you to slay any party you walk into! I love the sheer net detailing and the shorts underneath.

In the second look, we went for Urban CHIC with these custom jeans from Spot86. I am so in love with these jeans, they are an instant statement piece!! Patch-work on anything is on trend, so when we saw these jeans, we had to have them!! 

This collaboration was so much fun!! Rocky was so kind enough to add me to her circle of friendship with photographer Taylor (@mamaphotog_) and makeup artist Ta'Neisha (@mua_taneishanicole). Both of these ladies are so very talented!! I can see why Rocky says they are a "Dream Team". To have women like them that are simply amazing at their craft and willing to collaborate and share it with us is so very special!! During my stay, we all hung out and it really felt like we were long time friends, I seriously stayed laughing every ten minutes!! I really admire both of their work, and I can't thank them enough for slaying our faces and these images for this collaboration!!!

I hope you enjoyed this collab!! I am all about women supporting other women and working with all of these talented black women was awesome!! You definitely have to check out Rocky's post to see how she styled her look. She also talks GIRL BOSSES and how to link up with them. Follow her on Instagram @itsarockyworld. And dont forget to check out photographer Taylor and make up artist Ta'Neisha if you are in the Philly area and need amazing photos and an effortless beat! 

Until next time, Stay CHIC,

Thank you Spot86 for the collaboration
Photography by Taylor of
 Make up by: Ta'Neisha Nichole (@mua_taneishanichole)

Outfit Details
Mesh Dress
Patched Jeans
Faux Fur-Love Culture (old)
Boots- Ego Official

VS Fashion Show: Natural for the Win!


If you didn't have a chance to catch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show I must say you probably missed out on one of the best ones yet! The performers this year were The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga brought down the house in her last performance!! 

Not to mention she looked STUNNING!

But the natural hair that was displayed on the runaway stole my CHIC heart and soul!!

Maria Borges was the first angel to SLAY the runway rocking her natural hair in 2015. She certainly didn't disappoint this year!

This beauty, Harieth Paul, along with two other beauties joined Maria Borges this year! 

Jourdana Phillips....

And Alanna Arrington!

These women did the naturalista community well! Get it girls!

CHIC Style | Chicago Look

CHICNaturalistas2 Comments

Every year Alonzo and I try to spend Thanksgiving with one of our families! This year we were lucky enough to be able to spend a week traveling from our home in North Carolina to Chicago and then to Cleveland! 

I spent Sunday morning packing all of things and putting together some looks I wanted to wear in my favorite cities! In the back of mind I kept saying "don't forget to pack your winter coat." It was a high of 40 degrees in both Cleveland and Chicago. We realized about 40 minutes into our drive we BOTH had forgotten our coats! So I have to grin and bare the cold winds in Chicago in CHIC style! Check out how I styled one of my favorite looks!

Jacket: F21 (similar here)
Dress: F21 (similar here)
Jeans: Old Navy (old)
Booties: Steve Madden
Jewelry F21


Stay CHIC,
Marcy Marz

CHIC Style | Thigh Highs

CHICNaturalistas1 Comment

"Thigh highs??!?," my mom screamed when I told her I had purchased a pair of thigh highs. As a child I thought they were sooooo ummmm.. can I say fast?! To me girls that wore them  were trying to attract the wrong type of attention. I think there's always a way to do something or say something in a tasteful way. I have seen so many looks with thigh highs lately that I loved so I had to just go ahead and get on board! :) Check out how I styled them with my favorite thrifted shirt!

Jacket: F21 (similar here)
SHIRT: Thrifted
Shorts: J Crew (similar here)
Shoes: EGO Official
Clutch: F21 (old)
Shades: @ShopSpreadLA (old)

Stay CHIC, 
Marcy Marz

CHIC Style: Longline Blazer from TEN Shop

CHICEvents, FashionDayna1 Comment

I am so obsessed with this longline blazer I picked up from TEN Shop!! I have talked about TEN a few times on the blog, but basically it is a  personal shopping event hosted by owner Kesha. Kesha has such an eye for style and picking up pieces for the low low! She invites attendees to her office/shop where she has racks and racks of amazing pieces at great prices.

When I arrived to the event, Kesha already had a rack of items set aside that she knew I would love. Of course this blazer was one of those items. It is clear that Kesha knows my style because I was IN LOVE the minute I saw it! I love the duo colors, the structure and the length!! This blazer is perfect to dress up or down. I decided to pair it with shorts because: 1) it was a nice day and I wanted to take advantage of showing leg haha and 2) I think pairing longline jackets with shorts is so CHIC!

If you are in the DMV area, you definitely don't want to miss TEN's next event!!! Check them out on Instagram @tenshopten

Blazer: @tenshopten
Blouse: H&M
Boots: Just Fab- Similar HERE
Bag: Charming Charlie x Style Watch
Bandana worn as Choker: Target

CHIC Style | Longline Faux Furs and Flares

Brittany2 Comments

Every Fall I hope that faux furs are still in style. I really don't like wearing winter coats so I love being able to throw on one of my faux furs! Although i love faux furs flares have always been one of my true loves! A good pair of flares is always a nice item to have in your closet! Checkout how I styled my flares and faux furs!

Vest: T. J. Maxx
Jeans: LC Conrad by Lauren Conrad
Turtleneck: Forever 21
Shades and Necklace: @frugalfindsnyc

Outfit Details:
Vest: Forever 21
Cords: Target
Turtleneck: Target
Shades: @frugalfindsnyc

Stay CHIC,
Marcy Marz

CHIC Style| 3 Things I am loving

FashionCHICNaturalistas1 Comment

So let's get right into the 3 things I am currently obsessing over, and I am strategically wearing all three in this look! I am loving: bomber jackets, metallic shoes and fishnet socks! I paired all three in this sporty chic look!! I talked about it in my last style post, but bomber jackets are just so effortlessly cool! I love them.

Metallic shoes are everywhere, and I am seriously up to 3 pairs now in different styles! honestly metallic anything will be a hit in my book these days! I am on the hunt for a metallic moto jacket, if you spot one, let me know!!

Lastly, fishnet socks. Not sure how I've become obsessed with them but I bought these pair a few months ago when I saw them and had to have them. They add a little "unexpected" to  any look! 

Are you feeling these three pieces? Let me know what you're obsessing over this fall!! 

Bomber: Windsor Store
Jeans: Forever 21
Tank: Nordstrom
Shoes: Zara
Fishnet Socks: Asos