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Curlkalon NYC Pop Up Shop & Salon

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This past weekend, I had the honor of being the special guest at Curlkalon's NYC pop-up shop and salon! I ventured to NYC with my girls (mom, sis, and Ari) for the event and it was a blast!! The event was filled with cro-slaying, mixing and mingling!! I had the honor of having my hair styled by celebrity hair stylist and Curlkalon's Stylist Ambassador, Dani (@vanitybydanit). She is known for her tapered crochet styles, so it was only right that she styled my hair giving me my signature taper, using Curlkalon "Toni curl" hair!! 

Check out my latest post of me installing Curlkalon hair myself!! 

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Curl Keeper Curls


I am experiencing some MAJOR curly curls and I am so excited to share what I used to achieve this super soft and defined rod set! As you guys may recall, a few months ago I tried my first wash-n-go by myself using the Curl Keeper products and it turned out AMAZING! I have been using Curl Keeper products since then and they always give me great results, so I wanted to share my results using the same products but styled in a rod set.   

 I started on clean wet hair, as you can see I experience a ton of shrinkage when my hair is wet. But that is ok because these prodcuts still give me a nice defined and stretched look

I started by using the Curl Keeper H20 spray bottle. I am obsessed with this spray bottle. I use it all of the time. It provides the perfect mist to the hair leaving every strand hydrated and ready for styling. I like for my hair to be pretty wet when doing a rod set so that the strands can lay smooth on the rod. 

Since my hair is tapered and I cannot use rods on the sides and back, I like to finger coil these areas. I first applied the 30 second detangler- Slip to my entire head. This detangler is great at making the hair super soft and easy to manage.  Slip also adjusts the PH balance of the hair to give you strong healthy hair! This stuff is great. To achieve my coils, I used the Ultimate Hold with Frizz Control Gel. I love this gel because it has a great hold without the frizziness or flaking. This gel is a water-based formula that controls frizz due to humidity.

Next, I rod the top section of my hair by again applying the Slip detangler spray to add that moisture and shine. Then, I section off small sections of my hair and apply the Tames Textured Hair Styling Cream. This styling cream is great because it allows for easy manipulation of your curls into a looser well-definied curl; which is perfect for me because I like as much length as possible. This product also eliminates frizz. Once my entire head is rodded, I let dry overnight. 

The next day I removed the rods and revealed these soft, bouncy, defined curls! My hair looked and felt amazing!! I gently separated each curl and fluffed to achieve my desired look!

I absolutely love my finished results! I know you would love these products too! Check them out at your local Target! Or you can shop on their website HERE

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ABOUT My Fro| Wash, Define and Go using Curl Keeper


Hey CHIC's, It has been pretty hot lately, I mean REALLY hot. And I have been so over twisting and rodding my hair; especially if I am going to sweat it right out as soon as I walk outside lol. So I decided to give a wash and go a try. I am typically not a wash and go girl, but I just had to try the Curl Keeper products and see how much poppage I can get! Let me tell you, the Curl Keeper products worked so well on my hair, I am so in love!! Check out how I used the Curl Keeper products for my new favorite style, the wash, DEFINE and go!

Check out my You Tube video to see how I achieved these results. 

You can find the Curl Keeper products at your locacl Target or

FEATURED ON: Made Beautiful INSPIRE Takeover

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Made By Beautiful’s INSPIRE line is out and Aria and I were so excited to take over their Instagram page on Sunday to show our day and how we use the products! The INSPIRE line is made for both Mommy and Daughter, so of course, this line is PERFECT for us! When I tell you, this line is EVERYTHING, it is EVERYTHING! It works so very well on Aria’s hair! Aria has thick, kinky hair, so the fact that this product line is able to soften and detangle her hair with ease made me a fan!!! This line is available at Sally Beauty Supply and is definitely worth checking out!

Check out my Mini Hair Tutorial with Aria HERE ON MY INSTAGRAM Page!

Flexi Rod Set ft CURLS Blueberry Bliss Line

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Photo Apr 12, 6 14 26 AM.jpg

I am super excited because one of my favorite  curly hair products brand- CURLS has extended their line!! CURLS has added three new products, and I must say, I am pretty obsessed with them all!! Check out my latest YouTube video to find out WHY and too see how I achieved these fabulous results!!

To get your hands on these products you can visit or stop by your local Target!! Check HERE to find a Target location near you that carries the line!

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Twist and Curl Ft. Creme of Nature| Barbershop Advanced Screening

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You guys know how I feel about my Creme of Nature Pudding Perfection!! This stuff works so well with my hair! So you could imagine my reaction when Creme of Nature invited me to an special advanced screening of the Barbershop The Next Cut movie!!! Creme of Nature is the official hair care partner of this movie, so of course I had to attend the show rocking my freshly styled Creme of Nature curls!!! Check out my first youtube tutorial on how I styled my hair for the event!! 

Products Used:
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Pure-Licious Cowash
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Pudding Perfection

About My Fro: Curlkalon Crochet Braids

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I have decided to give my hair a break over the next few weeks, and I am doing so with my favorite protective style: crochet braids!! I have been a big fan of crochet braids for a while now. I wore them a lot last year and I use to do the whole hot water dipping thing, but after a few burns and hours of wasted time; I decided I needed to try something different! I am so glad I found Curlkalon hair. It is the only brand that has pre-curled textured hair made specifically for crochet braids! This hair is LIFE, and it will save you hours of time.

I decided that I wanted to keep my same signature taper style, so I opted to go for the toni curl (short tight curls) and the Saniya curl (medium curl) 

I started on freshly washed and blow dried hair.

I had my hair braided in a circular pattern. I like this pattern because it's easy for me to install the hair and it will give me a lot of fullness on the top.

I then proceeded to crochet the hair in. I used 3 boxes of Toni curl on the back of my hair and the sides. I used 3 boxes of Saniya curl on the top. You will definitely need 6 boxes of hair for a full head style. 

After all of the hair was installed, I shaped my hair in the taper style by cutting more from the back and keeping the length on the top. I used the 10inch in both curls for my whole head. It is best to get the 10inch when doing a taper style because you wont have to cut as much.

I would also suggest separating the curls on the back because this allows for a more natural look. The CurlKalon hair comes with about 20 or so pieces in the box, but by splitting them in half, you will get more hair. I did this for the back specifically because I did not want too much of a defined curl in the back. Once I moved to the top of my hair, I separated a little but not as much as I did the back because I wanted to keep a little more definition on the top.

I hope you received a little more insight on how I did my crochet braids!! I received a ton of love from this style, so I may have to do a youtube video if there are still more questions! Let me know!! Also try out CurlKalon if you are planning to do crochet braids, it is seriously the best!

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From Wash and NO to Wash and GO

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I use to be a wash and NO girl, but thanks to CURLS blueberry bliss line and my good friend Candice, I am now a firm believer that I can achieve a wash and go! The reason I thought I couldn’t wear wash and go’s is because I didn’t think that my hair type could achieve a curl without some sort of twist out or rod set, but I was wrong! Not only did my hair form beautiful little curls, but it was super moisturized, soft and tangle free!! Watch my collaboration video with my girl Candace of Mycandishoppe to see how she proved me wrong and I achieved these awesome results!

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I am loving the Creme of Nature Argan Oil line! Since my Sally's meet up event for the #CourageousBeauty campaign; I have been using these products faithfully, and they have not failed me! My go to style, is two strand twist and coils. 

I started off by washing my hair with the Moisture and Shine Shampoo. I like this shampoo because it really clenses my hair, without my hair feeling dry or stripped. 

Next, I started the styling process!

I continued on wet hair, and coiled the sides and the back of my hair. I like coils for my hair because it is super easy, and since my hair is so short on the sides and back, this method works to achieve small curls. I can't wait until I get to the point where I can use small perm rods; that's when I know my hair has grown!

On the front and top of my hair, I two strand twisted my hair using the Pudding Perfection. The reason I twist out the front section is because the twist out stretches my hair more than the coils would. I like to have the elongated length on the top! I love the Pudding Perfection because of the thick consistency and it really defines my twist out, but still keeps the twists soft and shiny.

 I let my hair dry over night. The next day, I separated the twists and the coils using the Creme of Nature 100% pure Argan Oil. I used my pick to lift the roots.

I would definitely recommend this product! It smells amazing and it delivers great results! You can pick it up in your local beauty supply store, Target or Walmart!

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#CHICBigChop| 1. OMG I cut my hair... AGAIN

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Yup my hair is short-ER.

As you guys know, I have been rocking a tapered cut for the last 7 months. This style has become pretty much my signature. I never thought I would love short hair on me, but I have definitely fallen in love with how I look with a short cut. This past weekend I got about 4-5 inches cut off.  My hair is significantly shorter than it was a week ago. I remember doing a length check last week and my front bang extended past my chin, now it only extends to mid nose.

I am going to be quite honest; my original plan wasn’t to get my hair cut this short. I originally just wanted a little shape up. But after talking to my stylist, she determined that I needed a little more than expected cut off.

2015-09-11 12.04.12.jpg

After leaving the salon in my fresh coils and curls, I got in my car, looked at myself in the mirror and wanted to cry. It didn’t hit me that my hair was so short until about 30 minutes into my 5 hour drive to Cleveland. I instantly started to cry. I don’t know why, but I thought I looked ugly. The shorter hair was definitely an initial shock for me, and I wasn’t feeling it at all! I called my husband and told him I was bald and that all of my hair was cut off (obviously an extreme exaggeration, but I wanted him to feel my pain). I was crying my eyes out, but he somehow found a way to make me feel good about myself. I wiped away the tears and thought to myself: why am I this mad? It is JUST HAIR, it will grow back and frankly 10 times more healthy!

I am super glad that my hair is cut short, I now LOVE my cut. I got so many compliments on my hair and it reassured me that I don’t look "ugly" lol.

But with that said, I know there are women out there that feel the same way that I felt. Either they are scared to go natural and rock a short cut, or they big chopped recently and hate it. I want to be your inspiration!  I would like for you to join me in my hair growth journey!! This month, I will be starting my new natural hair journey to healthy hair. I will be documenting it each month right here on and on our youtube channel! I will come to you with my hair growth updates, tips on what I am doing, and also products that are working for my short hair! 

So definitely stay tuned for more on my journey, and if you are thinking about big chopping let me know! If you have recently big chopped, I want to be a part of your journey so comment below with your social media handles! At least twice a month I will be spotlighting two women that have big chopped. I will get the inside scoop on why they decided to big chop, how they felt after and some tips they are using for their hair while short!!  This #CHICBigChop community will serve as inspiration to us all!!

We can do this ladies…. Just remember its just hair! 

Let the growing begin!! #CHICBigChop

Hair details:
Stylist: @shaddah_elyse
Platnium Hair Studio
Owings Mills MD

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The Perfect Twist Out

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My sister in law, Valencia just started her first blog! It's called Valencia Delon! She is a recent graduate of Southern Illinois University where she majored in Fashion Merchandising! She is definitely a CHICNaturalista! So when I told her I struggled getting the definition I needed with my twist outs she said she would give it a try! Flat twists are my go to style but she showed me twist outs can be as well! Check out her awesome post below and for more posts like these check out her blog!

Her blog is:


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Dayna's Natural Hair Journey


Growing up I always had a relaxer, that is all I knew. I believed to have “good hair” I had to have a relaxer  so that my hair would be smooth and silky straight. From grade school to high school I wore relaxers and extensions. I didn’t really embrace my hair until after I graduated from college. After college I started to really wear my real hair out without extensions. 

This isn’t my first time to the rodeo, it’s actually my second! I attempted to “go natural” back in 2011. That’s when I was really introduced to the natural hair movement by a co-worker named Kia. She had beautiful natural hair and she really educated me on natural hair and transitioning. I attempted to transition for the first time in 2011. I transitioned for about 7 months and my natural hair got the best of me. I was frustrated and I didn’t understand what I was doing.

While transitioning I wore weaves and one day I made a horrible decision to take out a month old weave and wash my hair without detangling it. Needless to say I created a tangled mess! My natural roots and relaxed ends were so tangled and knotted. I was so frustrated that I just cut it and permed it.

So that was the demise of my first transition. Seven months of natural hair growth down the drain. I regret to this day that I didn’t stick with it the first time. I received one more relaxer after that one and that was my last and FINAL relaxer! I made the decision to transition again, and I did not look back!

I was determined to not fail again and revert back to the creamy crack! I started my second transition and transitioned for almost a year and did the semi- “big Chop” in February 2013!

My first and favorite twist out. To this day I can not get my hair to look like this lol.


I made it to one year natural!

6 months to one year! I was feeling my hair at this point!
have been natural for one year and five months now! The journey has not been easy. Within this journey I have had 2 unintentional haircuts due to damaged ends and experienced postpartum hair loss (post coming soon on that one!). It has definitely been a journey full of ups and downs but I am so glad that I have embraced my natural hair.

A natural hair journey is never easy, you will make so many mistakes and learn along the way. This is what makes the journey so special!

Having natural hair takes confidence. The majority of us grew up thinking that we needed straight hair to be perceived as beautiful; this is definitely not the case. We were made with this head of hair, so why not love it and embrace it- in STYLE.