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CHIC Bride | Venue Booked!


Choosing a venue to have our wedding at has been the most difficult part of this process. It was very important to me that the space was as close to perfect as it could be!

Here's what I took into consideration: 

The Right Price! 
When it comes to our wedding, every dollar spent matters! The original venue we were supposed to have our wedding at was a bit pricey. This meant, we had to lower our guest count. This was very hard for Alonzo and I. We both have a large amount of family and friends that we feel should share this day with us; so when we considered a new space, we made sure it was lower in price but still accommodated most of our needs.

Location, Location, Location!
We knew we still wanted to have our wedding in Chicago, so I was able to find two spaces that I hadn't looked into before. I knew having our wedding close to downtown could generate  issues of added costs such as parking, higher hotel rates, and more traffic that I cared to deal with. The two spaces I did find were close enough to downtown that our guests could do some exploring if they liked, but also far enough that I could avoid some of the issues I feared.

Did it Give Me Butterflies?!
I'm not the girl that dreamed of her wedding as child. I didn't see myself riding in a horse drawn carriage or anything like that but through this planning process I've stuck with my gut! When I walked in the space, did I have chills or butterflies? Was I overwhelmed with how beautiful it could be? Yes!  

After seeing the two spaces with my future sister-in-law Valencia, I had to make a decision. After a good night's rest and one final viewing with Alonzo, I knew the Greenhouse Loft was the one! The Greenhouse Loft is absolutely beautiful. It is owned by two very talented photographers, Jamie and Steve. I met with Sarah and Steve in person to view the space and they were both so helpful and accommodating! Steve even took our picture in their Ultimate Photo Booth. Natalie is also a coordinator at the Greenhouse Loft and she has been a wealth of information and very understanding to our situation! We officially set our date for March 25, 2016! Now that our venue is set; it's time to nail down our photographer, catering vendor, and DJ!

Thank you so much CHICs for staying tuned!! 

Stay CHIC,