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CHIC STYLE | Oversized Blazer


Last week I visited my local Goodwill, just to see what they had. I love thrifting. I always tend to find some pretty great pieces. When I go thrifting I always, ALWAYS go straight to the outwear/ jacket section! I walked into the thrift store and literally right before my eyes, on the first rack, was this blazer. I immediately grabbed it, looked it up and down and said YESSSS. It was perfect; perfect length, perfect fit... everything. What made it even sweeter was the price tag- $5! Seriously, it you haven't visited your local thrift store, you are missing out!

My tips for fall thrifting would be: go straight for the outerwear: blazers, jackets, coats. After you look through that section, head to the men's section and look through their sweaters! If you recall, last week that Grandpa sweater I wore was thrifted! The third section I like to go to is jeans! I always find nice jeans thrifting that I can distress!  Thrifting is all about having a vision and a plan before you go, so that you don't get overwhelmed. 

So CHIC's happy thrifting!! Check out how I styled this oversized $5 blazer! POW!

BLAZER: Thrifted | SHORTS: H&M | SHOES: Just Fab | SHADES: Aldo
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