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Sally Beauty | Store Meet Up


Yesterday was such a busy awesome day!! I celebrated my daughter Aria's 2nd birthday, then drove up to D.C for my Sally Beauty in store meet up! My day started off with me running errands for her party, picking up birthday cake, pizza and heading to her daycare to decorate and party! She had a great time; ate tons of cake and pizza and shortly after that, she was down for the count for her mid day nap!

That's when phase two of my day kicked in! I drove to DC where I met up at the Sally's store with Creme Of Nature rep Dwayne! My co-host Candace arrived early as well and we both assisted Dwayne in setting up some final details before the event started at 4!

Our table was located front and center! As soon as customers walked in, they were greeted by us! Dwayne had such a fun, and outgoing personality. He could immediately capture anyone's attention! As ladies walked up to the table; Candace and I spoke to the products, and explained how each product could work for them.

So just to rewind for a second; the night before, I washed and styled my hair using only the Creme Of Nature line! This was my first time using the line in its entirety, from wash to style. I've used the shampoo and conditioners before and also my favorite leave in, but this was my first time using the pudding perfection and I must say my hair LOVEDDDD it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.14.07 AM.png

It's seriously my new favorite styler!! My hair was so defined, frizz free, and super shiny!! So with those results, it was easy to sell the products to my curl-friends that stopped in! I had a number of women ask me how did I style my hair? And I immediately gave credit to the pudding perfection, as it is truly PERFECTION!

I was so excited to see ladies come in that followed Candace and I! It was such a great time meeting with them and sharing the Creme of Nature products! During the entire event we gave away free samples from the Argan Oil line, t-shirts and a coupon to take $2 off any Creme Of Nature product!! Of course that coupon was used heavily!

I couldn’t have asked for a better co-host in Candace. Being friends prior to this event definitely made it easy! We fed off of each other. We both had a great energy and literally was a dynamic duo! What I love about our combination, is that we both have completely different textures. I have tightly coiled kinky 4C hair, whereas Candace has a curly 3c/4A texture. She is the wash and go queen, whereas I would never do a wash and go Haha! So we both was able to speak to any style or type of hair that walked to our table with ease!

Also sending major love to Creme Of Nature rep, Dwayne! He was awesome! Candace and I worked so well with him. He had great energy and kept us all laughs and smiles the entire time!

All in all, the event was awesome! I am so thankful for the women who left work early, or traveled to come stop by to see us! We had a blast and I hope you all enjoy your products! Until next time!

Stay CHIC,