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ABOUT MY FRO | Flat Twists!


I absolute love Creme of Nature hair products! When I decided to be natural again I always used the Perfect Edges edge control and the Perfect 7, 7 in 1 Leave-in Treatment. Now after trying the rest of their products I'm completely hooked! My hair is left feeling soft and full of life!

Here is a step-by-step look at the way I achieved this style!

1: CO-WASH: I co-washed my hair using the Pure-Liciuous Co-Wash. It made my curls really pop and washed out so smooth!



2: LEAVE IN: Once I rinsed my hair I then applied the Argan Buttermilk Leave-In Conditioner. I always like to use a good leave-in conditioner because my hair tends to be dry. 

3: FLAT TWIST: I separated my hair into four sections, detangling each section and flat twisted my hair using the Twisting Custard. I loved this styling gel! It’s just the right consistency and isn’t too heavy on my hair.

4: THE TAKE DOWN: To make sure my hair was completely dry I left my flat twists in for 13 hours. There’s nothing worse than flat twists that aren’t dry! I separated each twist and applied a small amount of the 100% Argan Oil to the each twist as I un-twisted them. 

5: FLUFF AND STYLE: Finally I fluffed and lifted my roots with the Creme of Nature comb! 

And there we have it! Try these products! You definitely won't be disappointed!!


Stay CHIC,