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The CHIC of the Week is back and to kick off our comeback is the oh so lovely Jewel aka @stlyleoptimist! Jewel is a huge fan of our page and blog and we couldn't help but love her smile, style, and her super cute fro! Jewel lives in Minneapolis and loves to hit the streets to show off her classy, chic and timeless looks! Check out what she had to say about her personal style and fro!

1. How long have you been natural? Did you transition or big chop?
I have been natural for 7 months, having big chopped in September 2014. Prior to my big chop, I transitioned for 9 months.

2. How would you describe your hair texture?
I would describe my hair texture as kinky curly. My curl pattern in the back is much looser.

3. What is your go to style and how do you maintain it?
I’m a wash and go gal, but lately I have been experimenting with rod sets and finger coils. My wash and gos never seem to last over 3 days. By day three it’s a huge puff which I love! In maintaining my WNG’s I simply sleep with a satin bonnet, and spritz some water or leave in conditioner in the am, fluff and go.

4. What are your problem areas if any and how are you working to combat them? 
I wouldn’t say problem areas per se, but my hair is really dry, so I tend to gravitate towards products that promote moisture retention and just keep my hair moisturized.

5. What do you love most about being natural?
What I love most about being natural is just wearing my natural hair. Whether it’s a rod set, defined wash and go or my afro puff, I just can’t get enough of my texture. Keeping my hands out of my hair is a problem. LOL

6. What are your top 3 hair products?
I swear by kinky curly knot today. It’s so amazing. I’ve been using it since I was transitioning and I use it now. It really does melt the tangles out of my hair, which save me lots of frustration. I also love the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner. It’s really moisturizing and great for my color treated hair. My hair seems to love Lotta Body Moisturize Me Curl and Style Milk. It’s my go to product for my rod sets.

7. How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe my style as eclectic. Non-committal if you will. For the most part, I like feminine pieces, but I tend to dress according to how I feel.

8. What are your favorite clothing stores?
Nordstrom has really become a favorite within recent years. I also love Saks OFF Fifth, TJMaxx, Asos and Forever21 for basic pieces.

9. Who are your favorite celebrity fashionistas? 
I’ve always admired Zoe Saldana’s style and her confidence. Tamera Mowry has become one of my recent celeb inspirations.

10. What is the most worn piece in your closet? 
My French Connection sweater. I think I’ve worn it most on my blog and IRL. I’ve layered it, worn it with a skirt , and OTK boots, skinny denim, blazer. It just makes me happy when I wear it.

11. What is your favorite Spring trend?
I’m not really big into trends, but I’ve been purchasing new lip colors for Spring. I’m a colorful person; bright, fun colors make me happy and when I think Spring, I think bright fun colors.

12. What would you say is your most prized item in your closet? Is it a vintage charm you found thrifting, or a designer splurge? 
I’m obsessed with the color blue. It’s crazy how the color blue makes me happy. I purchased these blue clustered Jcrew Earrings (that sold out) that I love so much. I won’t allow anyone to borrow it because it’s sold out and I wouldn’t be able to repurchase.

13. Where do you draw your style inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from everywhere. Street style (people watching is so fun), art, blogs, magazines, television shows, movies, and Instagram. There’s a lot of inspiration on Instagram.

14. Since you are obviously a ChicNaturalista what would be a bit of fashion advice for our readers?
An advice that I adhere to is to know what works for my body and be comfortable with my fashion/style choices. Being comfortable is everything to me. If you feel uncomfortable in it, don’t force it. I also live by the cost per wear rule. what I mean is, I’m much more likely to splurge/invest in staple items that can traverse from season to season or something I can wear through the years versus purchasing a reasonably priced item that I may wear once or twice and toss away.

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