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CHIC of the Week: Vontashia Doss

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This week’s CHIC is Vontashia Doss! Vontashia’s style is simply eye catching and so easy to admire. She has a unique flair and takes on fashion. We love how she mixes both edgy and feminine pieces so perfectly. She will wear a soft floral print dress and pair it with chucks and a biker jacket- Perfection! Her style is truly her own; Oh and let us not forget her BIG hair! Check out our interview with our CHIC Vontashia!

1. How long have you been natural? Did you transition or big chop?
I've always been natural, but when I was younger I wanted a relaxer so I could have straight hair like other girls.

2. How would you describe your hair texture?
Very confused, in the back it’s more coiled but in the front it’s looser. I think I’m a 3b hair type

3. What is your favorite go to hair style?
Bantu Knots, I swear by them. 

4. What are your problem areas if any and how are you working to combat them? 
Oiling my hair. I always forget to oil my scalp or after a twist out or bantu knots

5. What do you love most about being natural?
I can do whatever I want to my hair

6. What are your top 3 hair products?
Coconut Oil
Cantu Shea Butter
Eco Style Gel

7. How would you describe your personal style?
Effortless, Versatile and Chic

8. What are your favorite clothing stores?
TJ Maxx, Forever 21, and Thrift stores

9. Who are your favorite celebrity fashionistas? 
SOLANGE KNOWLES, Angela Simmons, and Rihanna. All their style are effortless, daring, and timeless.  

10. What is the most worn piece in your closet? 
Pastel blue blazer from Charlotte Russe, I brought it maybe 2 years ago I feel I can throw it on with everything and look stylish. ( I have ripped, sewn back and ripped again)

11. As we prep for fall, what is your favorite Fall trend! What are you excited about? 
I’ m super excited about long coats, grays, and capes.

12. What would you say is your most prized item in your closet? Is it a vintage charm you found thrifting, or a designer splurge? 
I recently brought a ‘vintage’ Betsy Johnson from Urban Outfitters; it was love at first sight. At first it was kind of pricey but I watched it until it went down.

13. We see that you have started a new YouTube channel, which we loved your first video. Explain what made you start your channel and what is your goal for your channel? 
When I first launched my blog, everyone was like “Why you didn’t start a YouTube channel first?” I plan to start one but when everyone asked about it, I felt they really wanted me to start it so I did. My goals for this channel is let my style inspire embrace their own style and give my following another visual way to see my fashion. 

14. You have a very unique style that's is so dope; where do you draw your style inspiration from?
I kind of just dress how I feel, I mix n’ match trends and just do my own thing.

15. Since you are obviously a ChicNaturalista what would be a bit of fashion advice for our readers?
Be Yourself, don’t be too trendy. Your wardrobe should be timeless and chic. 

How can we keep up with you? IG, FB, Twitter, personal blog, YouTube etc. 
IG: aihsatnovmai_
Youtube: vontashia doss