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Jessica Pettway's Fall Style Preview


We love everything about fall fashion: from the oversized coats to chunky sweaters to the plaid button ups, and the combat boots- we love it all! Last month we showcased some of our favorite fall looks by simply using older items from our closet and restyling them to fit this year’s fall trends. We wanted to show that you do not have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe each season to be in style! Mixing and matching old and new items to fit this year’s trends is something every Fashionista can do easily!

This fall season we wanted to spotlight one of our favorite Fashionistas, Jessica Pettway! We absolutely love Jessica’s style. She is one to tell you that she does not spend a ton of money on shopping and buying new clothes, but she always manages to be CHIC and in style! She loves to mix old pieces from her closet and reinvent them. We love this about Jess, so we thought she would be the perfect Naturalista to showcase! Check out our interview with Jessica and get an inside look on what she has her eye on for Fall 2014! Also, check out the below video for some of her fall looks to get you inspired for Fall Fashion!

What is your favorite thing about fall fashion? 
I love the color stories in fall! From cranberry to mustard, I'm just totally into all these fab colors!

What is your favorite 2014 fall trend?
It would have to be the whole Mod/60's inspired ladylike dresses. I think it's so chic!

What is a fall trend that will never go out of style for you? 
Ok so plaid and leather will NEVER go out of style. It will always make an annually appearance, so keep it in wardrobe!

What is you favorite piece from last year that you included in your looks?
 Truth is, most of my pieces are 4-6 years old. I don't shop alot and don't remember buying anything last year. But, my fav piece from 2012 that I still rock now would have to be my oversized floppy hat I purchased from forever 21.

How would you best describe your fall style? 
Hmmmm. I would have to say global Chic. I am always inspired by fashion around the world.

Are there any pieces that you have scoped out  that you definitely need in your closet for fall? Can you give our readers some great ideas for their personal wardrobe? 
Yes! I have been wanting a soft cloth, camel colored floppy hat. It adds a touch of Bohemian sophistication to any look. Also, an oversized plaid flannel. It can be worn grunge or even rocker chic. Omg I need that like yesterday!!

Check out the below video for more of Jessica's Fall Looks including all outfit details!! Also Follow Jessica on Instagram @Jfashiongirl87 and Subscribe to herYouTube Channel