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The CHIC Bride | Putting Things in Gear!


Hey CHICs,
It's not always beautiful American flags waving in the background, graduations, family outings, vacations, trips to the beach and cookouts with your fiancé durng the summer as a Army wife -to-be.

As some of you may know, Alonzo deployed in May leading us to reschedule our wedding that was planned for September 4, 2015. The good news is even though we had to reschedule our wedding, he'll be coming home sooner than we intended! With Alonzo coming home soon from deployment it's time to put things in gear! It's time to get planning! We have chosen new potential dates for the wedding and hope to nail down a venue in October!

I must say planning a wedding or event from a different state isn't the easiest task, but it also isn't something I haven't done before. I wanted to share with you some more things I've learned during this planning process.The first thing you must do is USE YOUR RESOURCES!

I have family in Chicago so I've called on my cousin Kara to check out some venues for me in the meantime. Kara will be calling me on FaceTime or reporting back to me what she finds! She has a great eye and has planned events at some of the venues I'm interested in. It helps to have the opinion of others as long as your heart isn't completetly set on something!

I think the BEST ADVICE I could give myself in this situation was to BE PATIENT. Patience is a virtue they say, right? It was definitely a disappointment when we had to reschedule our wedding. Luckily Alonzo, my family, and my friends have kept me grounded. I have so much to be thankful for, including my amazingly strong, brave, and loving future husband. When the time comes for us to walk down the aisle in front of our family and friends it will be the right time.

Enjoy the Planning! It's so easy to be overwhelmed and stressed out by the fact it's nearly impossible to plan anything when you're dealing with the military! Once you're over this you can plan in peace. Just know that some things may have to change or be done in a different order but in the end almost everything works out fot the best. 

Smile! You are getting married! This is a good thing! It didn't happen exactly as planned but it is happening and that the part that matters! 

With all that said, happy planning to me! I will be returning to Chicago at the end of September to tour more venues and make a decision on our wedding location! I hope  that you will continue on this journey with me!

Stay CHIC,

Photo Cred: Laura Turner Vien
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Shoes: Old Navy (Old)