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This week we are spotlighting a brand that we found on Instagram that we have fallen in love with! The brand is called NDSLA, it is a fine art and vintage wear company specializing in creating unique and customized pieces. NDSLA was founded by Rob Hill and Slim Jefferson two cousins who have merged both of their artistic talents to create this dope, and one of a kind brand that we are so excited to be ambassadors for. Their unique and vibrant designs are tailored to match all individuals and their personal style. We had the ultimate pleasure to have two pieces designed for us that we can not wait to share with you all next week, but first we want to spotlight NDSLA and the two men behind it all.

Check out our interview with Rob and Slim.

First tell us about yourself, where are you from, what do you do etc.?
Rob: I'm a visual artist/designer from Los Angeles, CA. 
Slim: I'm a performing artist/designer from Los Angeles, CA.

Why did you start NDSLA, and how did you come up with the name?
Rob: Slim encouraged me to start painting again while I was hospitalized last summer. NDSLA is a new adaptation of a street wear brand I started called Ndastarz. 

Did you ever see yourself starting a clothing brand? Why or why not?
Rob: Yes, I've started two clothing lines in the past. The first, in high school, and the second when I was hospitalized during 2011. The brand I started in high school was self-titled, Rob Hill. That's where I first introduced the concept of clothing as canvas, hand painting t-shirts, jeans, etc. I sold one-of-one items to high school kids all across the Greater Los Angeles area. It was a very successful effort, but I entered the U.S. Coast Guard directly after graduating high school. I was able to travel the world, but I couldn't continue to operate the business away from home. After I achieved local success as a young entrepreneur I was confident I could create something even better when the time was right. 

Slim: I definitely saw myself starting a clothing brand, but I knew it had to be done with the right person. Someone who was just as committed to the grand vision as I was. I've witnessed Rob create a successful brand twice. I thought his fashion line in high school was an incredible idea. I knew if I introduced him to the world of fine art he would hone his skills, and we could refine the brand to expand our market. I really encouraged him to start painting again because I know how talented he is. In less than a year I've watched his work progress non-stop. Ten years after he first incorporated art and fashion the idea is still fresh. It only made sense to do something unique.   

How would describe your design style?
Rob: My art would be best classified as abstract geometric art. I incorporate a "hard-edge" style. Line work, shape, and color theory are the main components of my art. 

Slim: NDSLA is many things. It also includes my creative outlet, which is music. As an emcee, I would describe myself as a witty lyricist. I vibe heavily with classic boom-bap hip-hop, soul, jazz, and oldies. You can clearly hear those elements in my rap style.

How would you describe your vision and/or concept for NDSLA?
Slim: Our mantra is "to each their own." NDS translates as Individual Stars. LA is our home. We believe in fashion as art, in music as art, in life as art. In regards to fashion, we believe each creation should be unique to its owner, something that can't be duplicated.

Why should a CHICNaturalista shop at NDSLA?
Slim: ChicNaturalistas should feel at home with NDSLA. We understand your desire to be unique and authentic. We respect individuality as a supreme idea. We provide one-of-one custom designs, tailored to each individual. As humans, we are moving canvases. The way you style your hair is art. The way you style your clothes is art. The way you move is art. We are all artists. We provide wearable fine art that meshes with who you are. We can incorporate things about your personal life or experience right into our designs. We want to know who you are. That's more than any clothing line can do. Nothing at NDSLA is mass produced.  

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?
Slim: We see NDSLA becoming more of a creative hybrid. Our philosophy is not limited to fashion only. We see ourselves incorporating street art, gallery exhibits, events, etc. We see Slim Jeff becoming a huge force in music. We see ourselves collaborating with the most influential artists in the world. 

What advice can you give others that would like to start their own businesses?
Rob: Work hard every single day. Never stop. 
Slim: Never sacrifice your vision. 

S O C I A L  M E D I A 
Instagram: @ndsla
Twitter: @ndsla

Slim Jeff
Instagram: @slimjeff
Twitter: @slimjeff

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