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CHIC Biz Spotlight: Respect Your Struggle

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Jessmina Archbold who is better known as Minaa B is the founder and creator of Respect Your Struggle (RYS). Jessmina  is a psychotherapist who works primarily with the substance abuse population and specializes in group psychotherapy. Through her powerful life changing work with her clients Jessmina combined her love for fashion and psychotherapy and birthed RYS. Jessmina believes that everyone has a glorious struggle and a glorious story to tell. She believes that in order to be strong you must first understand your darkness and respect your pain so that you can fully appreciate your gifts.

With every shirt purchased, one has the platform to share their story and explains what “Respect Your Sturggle” means to them. RYS believes that there is power in one's words. Your words can change someone's life.

We love everything about what Minaa has created with RYS. This is more than a t-shirt line, it is about telling your story and respecting your struggle.

Want to tell your story? Head over to and get a tee and let the world know how far you have come, and that you are respecting your struggle!

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