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CHIC Biz Spotlight| Savage Glow

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This week is a special week for our CHIC Biz Spotlight! Why, you ask?! Becuase we are featuring a company called, Savage Glow which is owned and created by a very good friend of ours, Morgan Turner. Morgan lives in Columbus, OH and works as a Analyst in the Finance Department at Verizon Wireless, Corporate Office. Morgan is currently expecting a bundle of joy early next year and says she only looks pregnant when she drinks a lot of water and now completely understands the show "I didn't know I was pregnant." When she's not crunching numbers or painting pictures for the nursery, she is mixing up awesome sugar scrubs! 

Morgan decided to start Savage Glow because she has always had sensitive skin. As much as she wanted to try new skin care products that claimed to treat her dry skin and leave it soft and radiant, she couldn't. So she started making sugar scrubs for herself after using a "natural" scrub she bought online that led her to the dermatologist. She knew then she waned to make scrubs that were 100% natural but smelled great! Savage Glow specializes in "Beautiful Skin in the Raw," raw products perfectly mixed to give that natural glow she always wanted!

Morgan never saw herself starting a skin care business. Her initial business started with 4 short mason jars, 7 grapefruits that she squeezed while watching Scandal, vanilla beans, olive oil, and sugar. Her one and only customer at the time was her best friend who loved sugar scrubs! She enjoyed the smell so much she wanted to eat them! After sharing her scrubs with other friends, family, and coworkers; her business started to bloom! They loved them so much that they were willing to pay for them! After tons of research and some refinement, Savage Glow was born!

The vision for Savage Glow, Morgan explains, "is pretty simple and will stay that way, raw ingredients matched to create unique smells but also aid with common skin issues," such as dry skin, rough patches, and cellulite, to just name a few. This fall Savage Glow will be replacing three of the current products with three new scents! Morgan will keep the Signature Vanilla Grapefruit, White Pepper, and Blood Orange. The Signature Vanilla Grapefruit will also be available in a lotion bar! 

Morgan says, "One thing I admire about ChicNaturalistas is that they are unique. They aren't satisfied with what everyone else is doing, they are their own person. They aren't one fits all women. Beside fashion, ChicNaturalistas values the ritual of hair, and Savage Glow values the ritual of skin care."

When asked how does Morgan juggle being a business owner with her personal life she says she has an amazing support system. Her family and friends were very helpful during her startup, by serving as guinea pigs for different recipes and offering opinions. She says she is especially grateful to her boyfriend who put up with boxes upon boxes of jars, crinkle paper, raw sugar etc. being all over their old apartment. Her advice to juggling both business and personal life is patience, the power to say "No", and organization. She says she would die a thousand deaths without her iPad, a pen, and her notebook.

In 5 years, Morgan sees Savage Glow growing in both product quality and selection. It is very important  to her that Savage Glow stays an online retailer.

Morgan even gave us a great recipe for oily skin:
Natural face scrub recipe for oily skin (perfect for summer)
-  1/2 cup of uncooked oatmeal
-  2 tablespoons lemon juice
-  1 teaspoon baking soda
mix with water (should be a paste consistency) apply, relax until it drys, rise and enjoy! 

Here's how where to find Savage Glow:

Order Savage Glow sugar scrubs today through October 1st and receive free shipping!