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CHIC BIZ Spotlight: Washington Ave Styles

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In this week’s ChicBiz Spotlight we showcase the talented Kaye Washington! Kaye is the owner of Washington Ave Styles, a funky, CHIC, and graceful line based on recreating vintage pieces by making them revived and new. Washington Ave is a brand built on the scripture Job 14:7.''For there is hope for a tree, if it be cut down, it will sprout again and grow new branches''. Most of Washington Ave Styles are renewed vintage pieces; which go hand and hand with the meaning of the scripture: ''making old things new”. We absolutely love this concept of fashion that Kaye is showcasing in Washington Ave Styles.


Kaye Washington is from a small town in northern Louisiana and currently resides in Houston, Texas. She started her brand because she could not deny her passion for fashion any longer; she felt like women should be able to express their soul through style without trying to fit into the norm of today’s society. So with that, Kaye set out to create unique one of a kind pieces that would appeal to the chic and fashionable woman. The name Washington Ave Styles was given to her by her dear friend Raymond Valdez in 2008, it was originally a joke, but she loved the name instantly and thus Washington Ave Styles was born!

Kaye would describe her target consumer as “Women of the Sun;” women after something higher than themselves; a woman who is comfortable in her natural state. This type of women is what inspires Kaye to create these amazing pieces.

Being a business owner is never easy, but Kaye balances work and her business by having faith, and staying grounded. Kaye’s ultimate vision for her brand is to be a light to inspire women to grow in faith and confidence- through internal style.

We are so glad that we have found Kaye and her brand through Instagram! Her pieces and designs always give us life! Check out Washington Ave Styles. She will be launching her fall collection tomorrow and we cannot wait to see all of the amazing pieces!