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Scent Bird


Scent Bird is a monthly subscription fragrance service, how cool is that!?! Every CHIC loves to smell beautiful right? Well, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to try out and review this new service when they contacted us! The process is quick and easy. Brittany received Marc Jacobs DOT, and Dayna received Versace Versace Signature.


We both absolutley love the scents. This service is a great way to sample and try out different designer fragrances without having to spend too much!

So how does it work?
1. Visit their website:
2. Sign up and take the scent quiz to receive your recommendations
3. Then choose from 350+ designer fragrances, 100% authentic

And that's it! Your monthly supply will be delivered to your door in a 8ml spray bottle, all for $14.97! The first month will come with a luxury case, and each time after that you will receive a refill.

We have a special offer for our CHIC's, if you would like to try out Scent Bird, use code SCENT25 for 25% off your first month! So that is about $11 for a luxury fragrance; you can't beat that!

Hope you enjoy, please let us know if you try it out!!

Stay CHIC,
Brittany and Dayna