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Styling My Tapered Fro


You want to know my go to styles for the moment, here they are!! I styled both looks using a new setting lotion that I cannot get enough of! Nairobi!!  

For the top set, I styled my hair by two strand twisting and adding a perm rod on the end using Nairobi. In the back of my head, I used figure coils using eco styler gel. I style my hair this way when I want a more stretched curl. I love my tapered fro because I can manipulate it to achieve different looks.

For the second set, I did a rod set, strictly using the Nairobi. I love how defined it left my hair. My curls were super soft and bouncy. I love that the Nairobi doesn't leave your hair crunchy! I style my hair in rod sets when I want a more tightly defined curl!

Both of these styles are my go-to right now, and this Nairobi is definitely a new staple! You can find it at your local hair supply store. It is a little more on the pricier side for a setting lotion though (I believe it was about $14), but it is definitely worth it! 

If you can't tell I am loving my new cut! Short hair is fun for me right now, I am thinking about going a little shorter on the sides and back.... hmmmmm... stay tuned!!!

Stay CHIC,