Where Fashion and Fros Collide



Being a "Boss Mom" is no easy feat! It's crazy to think that I have been a mother for almost 2 years now! My little Aria will be turning 2 in October, and I can't help but think "WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?" Like seriously; I remember like it was yesterday: laying on the hospital bed, pushing, and the doctor saying "she has a ton of hair!" lol. Now stand before me a fun, energetic, talkative almost 2 year old and I am amazed!

 To say she is my world is an understatement! This past year of being a BOSS MOM has taught me so much about myself. I have been managing my brand, my household, career and trying to be the best wife and mother to Aria that I can be!! It takes a lot to be a BOSS MOM, but I am always up for the challenge, and I would say I am doing darn good!

So this shirt from Closet Piece says it ALL. We worked with Closet Piece early this year, and I couldn't help but have this BOSS MOM tee that is new to their collection! Wearing this tee is making a statement and I love it!! I feel that all mothers should have one, because all moms, no matter what they do are BOSS!!

Sunday, Aria and I (and the hubby of course) went out for lunch. I rocked my BOSS MOM tee, shorts and chucks! I love when Aria and I match, so she wore distressed denim shorts, tee, vest and let us not forget her baby chucks! We were both effortlessly casual; my favorite kind of  style!

If you're a BOSS MOM, or know one, then check out Closet Piece!! They have tons of BOSS MOM and Cool Girl apparel!!! You can pick up the shirt I am wearing here