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CHIC Events | What to Wear: Naturalista Hair Show


So yesterday I mentioned how this weekend I will be attending the Naturalista Hair Show in D.C. I am super excited to be one of the blogger affiliates for the event. I obviously always like to look fashionable, but when I attend these big events, I  like to take it up a notch! I have been very inspired  by New York Fashion Week. There were SOOOO many awesome shows and inspiration to be drawn from the runway. So the look I think I will go for this weekend, will be tailored, sleek, sophisticated and minimalistic! Below are a few pics from the runway, and Instagram that have inspired my look for the event!

One of the fall trends that I am obsessed with are long line blazers. This trend was on our top fall trends list, and I think I will definitely be wearing a longline vest to this event. I ordered one a few weeks back from F21 that I have been dying to wear!

On the runway, Vera Wang showcased a number of all black jump suits and dresses that I am inspired by. 

Oh how I love all white!! White is just so crisp and CHIC!! I can see myself having an all white moment for the event! 

These looks right here are the definition of EFFORTLESS CHIC!!! I draw a lot of inspiration from menswear. Oversized shirts, trouser pants, suit jackets are things that I absolutely love. A piece of my style is very avant-garde. I like adding different touches to my style and menswear is definitely one of them!  I can see myself wearing black trouser pants and an oversized blazer to the show! 

More pants suit inspiration here!! I saw these looks on XONecole and these ladies are on my favorite celebrity style list!! They all look amazing!!

So now that I put all of my outfit inspiration ideas on the table, I am excited to show you guys what I actually decide to go with! The Naturalista Hair Show is going to be a great time. I can't wait to meet and mingle with other Naturalistas at the event!!! 

If you would like to attend or learn more about the show, visit the website HERE.