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CHIC of The Week : Ciara

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 CHIC of the Week is back, and this week we will be showcasing the lovely Ciara from Texas! We have been following Ciara for a while now, and every time we see her in our timeline she kills it! You can always catch Ciara in the most stylish dresses and with the most flawless curls! Speaking of her curls; we must say that, we have literally watched her hair grow right before our eyes!! Earlier this year, we remember her rocking her CHIC TWA, but now she is all about the big hair and we love it!!

We just had to catch up with Ciara and get the scoop on her hair routine and of course her style!

1. How long have you been natural, and what made you decide to embrace your natural hair?I've been natural for 8 years, I was a weave addict, back to back sew in's caused me to get traction alopecia and I lost all of my beautiful curls, so when my hair grew back I was really serious about loving and embracing the beauty of my hair.

2. Did you transition or big chop?
Big chop.

3. What is your go to style and how do you maintain it?
My go to hairstyle at this length is defiantly a twist out! At night I use the pineapple method with a scarf and in the morning I just apply oil and fluff my hair out. 

4. What are your problem areas if any, and how are you working to combat them? 
My biggest problem I have is frizz and trying to maintain a bomb twist out while living in Texas where the humidity is crazy! I've been experimenting with different products to try and get rid of this problem. 

5. What are your top 3 hair products?
-Coconut oil
-The mane choice butter
-The mane choice leave in 

6. What tips would you give on keeping your color treated hair healthy?
Moisturize and deep condition!!

7. How would you describe your personal style?
Care free, fun and glam! 

8. What are your favorite clothing stores?
Windsor and Agaci!

9. As we gear up for Fall fashion what are some of the Fall trends that you are most excited to wear?
Fur and knee highs!!

10. What is a trend for you that will never go out of style?
MIDI dresses

11. What would you say is your most prized item in your closet? Is it a vintage charm you found thrifting, or a designer splurge? 
Vintage sequence dress passed down from my grandmother. 

12. Where do you draw your style inspiration from?
Kerry Washington in a way! I admire her style. 

13. Who are some of your favorite style bloggers?
Amrezy , Iamlonni and natashalee

14. Since you are obviously a ChicNaturalista what would be a bit of fashion and or hair advice for our readers?
Be yourself!! Have fun with your fashion, it's a great way to express how your feeling!

Keep up with Ciara and her fabulous hair and style on her Instagram: @ayeciara