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What do you get when you add creative, catchy, natural hair sayings and effortlessly CHIC tees? Dear Naturalista!!! We can’t help but obsess over Dear Naturalista and their super cute t-shirt line! We are all about making a statement, and these tee’s do just that!! We took a moment to get to know the genius behind Dear Naturalista, Nikki and what inspired her to start her line!! She also hooked us up with two amazing t-shirts that we styled! So sit back, relax, and get to know Nikki the founder and her brand Dear Naturalista! Also check out how we styled our shirts!!

First, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m Nikki and I’m the natural behind Dear Naturalista! I love fashion and natural hair and want to share those interests with others who feel the same.


What inspired you to start Dear Naturalista and when did you start it?
I was inspired by the beauty of natural hair in all of its forms. I’ve been natural for several years now so I also wanted to create t-shirts and other items that I would like. I hoped that others would like them too! The Dear Naturalista site came to life in February of this year (2015).

What was the inspiration behind the name?
I wanted a name that expressed how amazing I think natural hair is! The name Dear Naturalista is meant to convey the fact that the brand is dedicated to naturals.

Did you ever see yourself starting your own online boutique? Why or why not?
I’ve loved clothing, fashion, magazines and drawing since I was a kid. I went to fashion school and I always saw myself starting something of my own that was fashion related.

Describe to us what makes Dear Naturalista unique in comparison to other online boutiques?
First, I think that all of the sites that do something similar to Dear Naturalista have a message that needs to be shared. The more we can spread the natural hair love the better! Dear Naturalista is meant to serve as a space that sparks a positive conversation about natural hair and the experiences that stem from being a wearer of natural hair. I really try to tap into what makes the natural hair experience special and fun.

What made you decide to cater to natural hair lovers and what do you love most about natural hair?
Well, I have natural hair and I am so inspired by how excited and creative naturals can be when it comes to their hair. Personally, I love how versatile my natural hair is. For the most part my hair has a mind of its own ha!, but sometimes I can work it to match my mood.

You have created a unique concept with Dear Naturalista, what do you love most about what you do? Thank you! The best feeling is when customers let me know that they feel like they’ve found something that was made just for them! Then I know I’ve done my job. Even if someone sees the site and doesn’t end up buying anything, I like the idea of someone feeling more confident about wearing natural hair after coming across the brand.

If you had to give three tips for starting a business what would they be?
Ha! I feel like I’m still in the starting stage myself but I’d say:
1) If you have an idea you want to get out into the world just go for it and see where it takes you 2) make sure you’re really interested in what you’re doing because it won’t always be easy, but try to find a way to make even the not so great parts enjoyable 3) Have support in place…someone you can talk to for encouragement, someone to bounce ideas off of or vent if you need to. It’s helpful to have someone who is also starting a business or someone who is further ahead than you. They’ll likely understand the unique position you’re in.

Where do you see Dear Naturalista as a brand in the next 5 years? That’s a great question! In five years I’d love for Dear Naturalista to be a lifestyle brand with an expanded range of products and proceeds consistently going towards supporting a worthy cause. I’d like for Dear Naturalista to be THE go-to place that naturalistas turn to get their fashion fix!

Since we love fashion here at CHIC Naturalistas, can you describe your own personal style? I dress to fit my mood and I must always be comfortable! I’d describe my style as cute ‘n casual or approachably chic with several twists thrown in!

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Instagram and twitter: @dearnaturalista
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