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Top 5 Reasons why Nae2Curly is our Hair Crush

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Whether we want to admit it or not, we ALL have a hair crush. You know, the girl whose Instagram page you constantly stalk for hair inspiration. The girl whose pictures you can’t help but stare at when you see them. The girl that has the amazing curls that you wish could magically be removed from her head and placed onto yours. The girl that you think "man, can she just come DO my hair for me?!" Well for ChicNaturalistas, that girl is the one and only Janae Mason, better known to the Instagram world as Nae2Curly! Nae has been rocking curly hairstyles since 2012 and has perfected each and every style that she wears! She is known for her perfectly styled rod set curls that are always shiny, perfectly curled, without an ounce of frizz. With amazing hairstyles, and both inner and outer beauty, Nae has captured the hearts of over 45,000 people on Instagram. We are proud to be 2 of her thousands of followers that are inspired by her hair and beauty daily. 

 So let us tell you the top 5 reasons WHY Nae is our hair crush!

1: Her curl "poppage" is always on point
Nae’s curls are always flawless. Like seriously, does she ever have a bad hair day???! Curl "Poppage" is the term she has coined and her curls are always poppin!

2: Her hair tutorials always make us feel confident that we can achieve the same style with ease.
Nae has hands down mastered pic-tutorials! She even has an entire gallery of pictorials on her blog and Instagram feed that we adore! She shows viewers her step-by-step process in a few quick pics, illustrating how she achieved her curl poppage! (Let us also add that Nae has an absolutely amazing YouTube channel showcasing these tutorials in full detail. After watching her videos, you will definitely feel that you will ace that hair style!)

3: She is super versatile with her hair styles!
Nae is certainly not a one trick pony! From week to week, Nae demonstrates different styles including twists, rod sets, up do's, protective style, braid outs and many many more! She is definitely not shy when it comes to her hair.  There is never a dull moment when it comes to Nae and her fabulous hairstyles!

4:  She is a natural beauty
I mean, look at her! She is just naturally gorgeous! What we first noticed about Nae is that she never tries too hard. She doesn’t cake on a whole face full of makeup for every selfie. She is not afraid to show the real her and her natural beauty. We love that! In a world that can be extremely superficial at times, we appreciate that Nae is true to herself and lets her natural self shine bright.

Last but not least

5: Nae is the funniest person, and has such a sweet down to earth personality
If you ever meet Nae, you will notice this right from the jump. Even if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet, you will see how bright her personality shines in her YouTube videos and periscope chats! She is simply a beautiful soul that is entertaining and inspirational!!!

So after reading all that we have to say, we know you just want to head over and stalk her Instagram page, right? How could you not? You can follow  Nae at @nae2curly. Subscribe to her YouTube channel HERE and like her Facebook HERE!! 

Stay CHIC,
Dayna and Brittany