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"Where did you get that dress? Nordstrom?" He asked.  I respond with a smirk.. "Target."  He immediately follows up with "Ohhh wow, it looks rich" and I just laugh! I don’t know if he was just trying to make me feel good or if that’s what he really felt, but either way I'll take it! But yesssss I got this little number from Target! Target is hands down one of my favorite stores; they even suckered me into getting one of those red debit cards! I figured I shop there enough, I might as well save 5%!

I was shopping there as I normally do, picking up random things that I don't need, and I stumbled across this oversized button down dress. I instantly said "I NEED THIS".  What I love most about this dress is that it is so effortlessly CHIC and so on trend for fall! So there was no way I was leaving this baby in the cart!

I met up with my friend Rob at the local metro station, and we caught some pretty city-esque shots that I love!

With this dress, booties, and my staple hat, I am definitely ready for fall fashion!! I can't wait to pick up some of the items that is on our Fall trends list! Have you checked it out? If not head over now to see what's on our list! Stick around tomorrow for Britt's intro to fall style!! She rocks the cutest mustard dress that I may just have to steal from her! :)

DRESS: Target
HAT: Forever 21
BAG: Aldo

PHOTOS BY: Robert Simmons

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