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My Secret Obsession with RiRi!

Brittany4 Comments

So I would say I have a healthy obsession with Rihanna. I guess one would use the word "healthy" lightly. For years I secretly followed her fashion risks, her amazing hair styles and her music! I love the heart broken Rihanna, the "I don't give a crap," (she would say another word but we keep it PG here at CHICNaturalistas) Rihanna and the "I'm in love," Rihanna! Lately, I've been BEYOND obsessed with her faux locs!

So obsessed that once I found out she had them I bit the bullet and kept mine in for 3 weeks!!

So obsessed that I thought "Hey those 3 days of braiding and wrapping braiding and wrapping weren't so bad!"

FullSizeRender 17.jpg

So obsessed that when I saw we posted basically the same pic, my heart smiled! 

Basically, right??

SO OBSESSED that I thought "Maybe I'll put them BACK in!"

 Dayna knows I keep protective styles in a maximum timeframe of 2.5 days. MAX! Truthfully I loved giving my hair a break but channeling my inner Rihanna wasn't so bad either!

It's a healthy obsession I promise!!!

Stay CHIC,
Marcy Marz

Photography: Kala C. Photography