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About My Fro: Curlkalon Crochet Braids

NaturalHairDayna14 Comments

I have decided to give my hair a break over the next few weeks, and I am doing so with my favorite protective style: crochet braids!! I have been a big fan of crochet braids for a while now. I wore them a lot last year and I use to do the whole hot water dipping thing, but after a few burns and hours of wasted time; I decided I needed to try something different! I am so glad I found Curlkalon hair. It is the only brand that has pre-curled textured hair made specifically for crochet braids! This hair is LIFE, and it will save you hours of time.

I decided that I wanted to keep my same signature taper style, so I opted to go for the toni curl (short tight curls) and the Saniya curl (medium curl) 

I started on freshly washed and blow dried hair.

I had my hair braided in a circular pattern. I like this pattern because it's easy for me to install the hair and it will give me a lot of fullness on the top.

I then proceeded to crochet the hair in. I used 3 boxes of Toni curl on the back of my hair and the sides. I used 3 boxes of Saniya curl on the top. You will definitely need 6 boxes of hair for a full head style. 

After all of the hair was installed, I shaped my hair in the taper style by cutting more from the back and keeping the length on the top. I used the 10inch in both curls for my whole head. It is best to get the 10inch when doing a taper style because you wont have to cut as much.

I would also suggest separating the curls on the back because this allows for a more natural look. The CurlKalon hair comes with about 20 or so pieces in the box, but by splitting them in half, you will get more hair. I did this for the back specifically because I did not want too much of a defined curl in the back. Once I moved to the top of my hair, I separated a little but not as much as I did the back because I wanted to keep a little more definition on the top.

I hope you received a little more insight on how I did my crochet braids!! I received a ton of love from this style, so I may have to do a youtube video if there are still more questions! Let me know!! Also try out CurlKalon if you are planning to do crochet braids, it is seriously the best!

Stay CHIC,