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I cannot believe I'm even saying this but its been more than a week since my wedding!! To say the very least I was anxious, excited, overwhelmed, thrilled, and ready to throw up every time the word "wedding" was said. It was easily the most amazing, fun and exciting day of my life!

On the top of my Wedding Prep To-Do List was to have my hair colored. The last time I had my hair colored was in July of last year. I had been dying to be a blonde for so long! So for my bachelorette party I had it dyed by someone that over-processed it. I didn't know this initially but my hair gradually got more and more dry and brittle. It started to come out in clumps. When I styled my hair in flat twists my curls would last one day compared to 5 or 6 days. Devastated wasn't even a word I could use.

INSERT: Shanelle, owner of Quench Hair Studio!

A friend from college referred me to Shanelle. She quite literally saved my hair's life. Below is a picture of how badly my hair was damaged.

The results!!

Shanelle even colored my clip-ins from Kinky Curly Yaki to perfection (look for more on my clip-ins tomorrow)!

As Shanelle and I talked during my salon experience I knew that she was very knowledgeable when it came to hair. Most stylists can talk their way through any color process but Shanelle explained the different layers of your hair and what each layer needs to be healthy! I really appreciated all of her advice! She even cleared her schedule to make sure she could take her time with me! Shanelle is VERY professional and accommodating! So after my experience at her salon I just had to share her story with you all. 

When asked to describe herself Shanelle says:

I am a diverse hair stylist based in Charlotte, NC. My specialties include Hair Color & Natural Hair.

Hearing you talk about hair you can see and feel your passion for it. Where does your passion and drive come from? What made you start doing hair?

I enjoy seeing women feel good about the way they look. The confidence that comes from a new look is what drives me everyday in my career. I started doing hair by accident actually. My passion started with makeup but quickly turned into hair while attending Cosmetology school. I enjoy art, science and fashion. It’s all incorporated in Cosmetology.

What do you think the biggest misconception is about coloring natural hair?

I think the biggest misconception is that natural hair needs the highest developer. Natural hair is delicate just like any other texture of hair and should be treated like so.

What advice do you have for those like me who love color on keeping their hair healthy?
I advise anyone with color to keep their hair moisturized!

What is the inspiration behind the name of your salon?
I named my salon studio  “Quench” because I enjoy developing juicy color while keeping hair healthy and hydrated.

6)    What advice would you give other women starting their own business?
To not have any limits. The first year, you may need to work 7 days, long nights and early mornings but it will all be worth it when you realize the luxury of making your own schedule.


How to keep up with Shanelle: 

Instagram: @ShanelleH
Styleseat Username: Shanelle H


Tomorrow I will be discussing my salon experience at Huetiful Salon in Chicago! For the next few weeks look for more posts about my look for the wedding, highlighting my veil and faux fur shrug, my makeup artist, my handmade accessories, bridesmaids dresses and more! I hope you will tune each week to enjoy the CHIC Bride experience! 



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