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The CHIC Bride | Choosing a Bridal Makeup Artist


Hey CHICs,

Today we're discussing my bridal makeup! I think that trying to find a makeup artist for my wedding was probably one of the most stressful parts of my wedding planning! When you find a makeup artist you love you usually stick to just that person. The same thing goes for the person that does your hair, your eyebrows, your nails, etc. Once you find the one that fits you there's no switching it up! 

Teeneysha (Tee) Johnson (@mrsjohnson_4life) was my saving grace! Just a month before my wedding my makeup artist decided she would no longer be able to work with me. Wait what?! I was frantic so I called the Mac Pro store in Chicago and Tee answered. I explained to her my situation and she told me I had nothing to worry about and that she would take care of me. And that she did! About a month before the big day we did a trial! During the trial we were able to talk and get to know each other. I could tell in our meeting Tee was very passionate about her work and I loved that!

Here are a few pictures from the trial.


Now I want you to get to know Tee and her experience in the makeup artist industry! Tee is based in Northwest Indiana and Chicago. She began doing makeup in 2007.

Where does your passion and drive come from? What made you start doing makeup?
My passion grew over the years honestly. I remember walking into Macy's and seeing people my age doing makeup and I said wow that looks like a fun job I would love to do something like that . Whenever I would be at work people would always ask me what makeup I was wearing. Then one day it hit me. You should just apply at a makeup counter, so I did and the rest is history (laughs).

What makeup trends do you love?
Right now there is a trend that is all about eyelashes, but there's a twist; they look like baby doll lashes, just think Twiggy. 

What advice can you give to someone that is just starting to wear makeup? Where should they start? What should they stay away from?

I would say if you are a beginner, don't get caught up in the Instagram and YouTube way of doing makeup. You don't need all those steps and products for a flawless makeup application.  Start off simple and work your way up. For example eyeliner, mascara, a little powder and lips. 

What are your goals when it comes to being a makeup artist? Where do you see your career in 5 years?

In five years you will see me all over! I will be a celebrity makeup artist . I definitely want to do makeup for sitcoms, movie sets, and modeling agencies.

What advice would you give other aspiring makeup artist just starting out in the industry?
I would tell them to practice, practice! Practice on all different ethnicities and face shapes. Just because you can beat your own face doesn't mean you can do makeup on other people. Always take pics of your work. If you're in the bridal industry, always get to know the photographer and get their business card as well to follow up for professional pictures of your work. Use social media to advertise ..... It's free!


How can you keep up with Tee?!

Mac Pro Shop on Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL.

Instagram: @mrsjohnson_4life 

Facebook: Teeynesha Johnson