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I Need New Friends Networking Brunch Recap

Dayna3 Comments

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending  the “I need new friends” Women’s Networking Brunch as a special guest. The goal of this brunch is to connect, empower and encourage goal chasing women! I am all about networking and connecting with like-minded women, so when I was asked to attend, I was so honored and thrilled to join!! 

The brunch started off with everyone arriving to the beautiful restaurant where we were each greeted by founders Sable and Ahyiana with big hugs and smiles! We each took our assigned seats where a nice place card awaited us! They also gave each guest a book by Eric Jerome Dickey called “The Blackbirds” and let me tell you; I am super excited to dive into this book on my 3 hour flight to Houston this weekend!

After we all took our seats, we started to mix and mingle with each other. What I love most about the seating arrangement was that each guest was strategically seated based on similar interests.  I absolutely loved this because I connected with women that I am sure I will keep in touch with well outside of this brunch! One woman in particular was Kalilah. We found out that we both at one point worked for the same company (and didn’t know it). We both are fashion lovers, live in Baltimore and have high energy two year olds!! It was a match made in friendship heaven haha. I also really connected with another guest names Janelle! She was actually already a supporter of mine, and she’s a fashion stylist! So of course we exchanged numbers with plans to go thrifting together!! I can go on and on with the connections I made at this brunch! It was really a joy to be a part of. Connecting with other women is something I live for and I am so glad I had the opportunity to enjoy this experience!

A special thank you to “I Need New Friends” brunch creators: Sable and Ahyiana for having me!! I really enjoyed myself and will definitely be attending the next one in DC!

Want to learn more about the "I need new friends brunch"? Head over to their website HERE 

Photcred: Sable and Ahiyiana of I Need New Friends- check out their instagram page and website above for more images and video coming soon!