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The CHIC Bride: "Something Had to Give Some Edge..."

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When most brides think of their wedding look they don't say "I want it to be a little edgy." This is the conversation I had with Dayna with deciding my wedding look! My dress was traditional yet elegant, I knew I wanted a faux fur shrug,  but there was something I needed to give it a spark! One day I was on my daily hunt to for a veil and any veil at this point I came across this custom veil! I quickly called and my mom and texted Dayna a picture! This was thee VEIL! 

I want to introduce Crown De Fleurs, owned by Cindy Zeigler! She started her bridal accessories company in 2008 and is based in Jacksonville, FL. Cindy is the sweetest woman and we had such great conversation about our brands! I just wanted to share her story and brand with you!

Cindy has been married for 45 years to a "wonderful man' she says and she is a mother of four and grandmother of thirteen.  

My husband says that if he had known how much fun grand-parenting was going to be he would have started there! I SO agree with him!
— Cindy

Where does your passion and drive come from? 

I’ve always had this creative drive in me.  Sometimes it keeps me awake at night.  And years ago, when we were raising our children, I began turning my creativity into a business.  I have worked out of my house ever since.  My first serious home business was working with silk florals for interiors in the Chicago area.  I did that business for 25 years.  But then we moved…

What made you start making bridal accessories?

After we moved to North Florida ten years ago, and our youngest daughter got engaged a couple of years later, and I wanted to make her bridal accessories.  She loved them so much that she encouraged me to begin a business making things for other brides.  She is now in business with me, and we ship bridal veils, headpieces and sashes all over the world.  About 98% of the things we ship out or sell to local brides are hand-made by either my daughter or me.  And, we do a lot of custom work.  BRIDES LOVE HAVING HAND-MADE ITEMS—One-of-a-kind treasures.  We get so excited to hear their comments after their big day of how much they loved the pieces we made for them.  We’re always getting photos from them.  It’s so much fun!

What bridal trends do you love?  

I love watching how the trends change.  Colors, textures, dress styles.  In fact a few years back I could see that dramatic bubble veils were coming into vogue, so I created my own design for a stylist who was getting ready to do a bridal photo shoot.  I made my version of the veil and named it my CLASSY BUBBLE VEIL.  It quickly became our best seller and has garnered several stylists contacting me to send this veil to them for other styled photo shoots.  (This is the style you chose, Brittany!) As a result, we have gotten a lot of publicity from it.

What advice can you give to someone that is starting a business in the bridal industry? Where should they start? What should they stay away from?

If a person is going to start a business in the bridal industry – especially a web-based business – I would say that one of the most important things you can do is to get beautiful pictures.  Begin with a photo shoot where the photographer is REALLY good, hire a stylist, a hair and makeup person and a couple of good models.  And go from there.  Put those pictures out on the web, and when other stylists begin contacting you check them out before you send them your goods.  The goal is to get more good images.  That is what sells online!  
Then make sure you give the BEST customer service!  I mean you are asking brides to order bridal accessories online????  If you think about it, that is pretty crazy.  But the pictures will sell the products, then you just have to follow through on great service so that you have very satisfied brides who will tell other brides-to-be about you.

What are your goals for your business? Where do you see it in the next 5 years?

I want to stay the course. Business is good. I still have time travel with my husband and to be a mother and grandmother. My daughter works with me. I just can’t see that it could get better than this.
— Cindy

Above is the moment when we positioned the veil just right!

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Probably being able to express my creativity with my hands.  I LOVE being able to see the end result, especially when we get pictures from our brides of their wedding day!  LOVE LOVE it!


One thing I canNOT fail to mention is how incredibly thoughtful, understanding and giving Cindy is! Just two weeks before the wedding I discovered that my sweet 5 month old fur baby, Scout had chewed a hole in my veil. I sent the picture to Cindy and asked was there anything I could do to make it not so noticeable.. Cindy said without hesitation I'll send you another one, "this is not something you need to stress over." I was overwhelmed with happiness! There just isn't very many people like her in this world!

Please check out Cindy's shops and head over to her Facebook page (don't forget to press like :) )!  

Here's how to keep up with Cindy!
Facebook: CrownDeFleurs

Photography: Christine Waller of Heather DeCamp Photography



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