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The CHIC Bride | The Best Last Minute Decision We Made

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Every bride usually thinks she HAS TO HAVE everything she may see on Pinterest or may hear someone else did. The one thing that I truly believed I HAD to HAVE was a videographer! A friend from work told me everyday, "Brittany you better get a videographer! It's something I regret I didn't do." It was about a month from our big day and I was doing a walk-through with the Sales Manager at hotel our guests would be staying at. I told the Sales Manager I was disappointed that I hadn't found a videographer yet and it was the one thing weighing on me. She then informed me of a company she booked for her wedding called Plan A! I just knew it would be completely out of our budget (since we were already over-budget)! When I checked out the website I was amazed by the quality of work and the affordable prices! I immediately sent an email and prayed the videographer would be available! Jon (videographer and editor at Plan A) emailed back within the hour and he was available! We booked him that week! Now let me give you a little background on Jon.

Jon's passion for film started at a very young age. His first films were home videos shot using his family's camcorder.  Jon graduated from Columbia College with a film degree and he now has over 14 years of videography experience and 4 years of experience shooting weddings. With his only challenge being long hours of editing Jon says:

I love my job. I get to be a part of the best days of peoples lives every weekend.


Working with Jon was simple! He was on-time, productive, precise, funny, and no one even knew he was there! Our video caught every single moment my heart desired! It was done in exactly 60 days and it was well worth the wait! I honestly cry EVERY single time I watch it to this day! I couldn't have asked for anything more! 


Please enjoy our full wedding video below!!

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