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CHIC EVENTS| Rise Empowerment Conference

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This past weekend we had the absolute pleasure of attending the RISE Empowerment convention in Washington, DC! The Rise Empowerment convention is a business platform that is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs and small business owners find the resources needed to build their brand in the competitive fashion, beauty and wellness space; while giving them an opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience. This conference is all led by women of color that are highly successful in their respective fields. They deliver knowledge, tips, advice and overall motivation for each and every attendee!

The convention weekend started on a Friday night with an all-white cocktail party hosted by the founders Rochelle Graham of Alikay Naturals, Angela Walker owner of the N Natural Hair Studio, and Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily. We had a great time at this cocktail party. We got to mix and mingle with curl-friends, look CHIC in our all white, and the highlight of our night was meeting Claire!!! To say we “got our life” when we met Claire is an UNDERSTATEMENT. We adore Claire, so meeting her was truly amazing. It also helped that she is literally the sweetest person ever!! She was so humble and so genuine, it was truly a pleasure!

The cocktail party included a heavy-hitter panel of all of the RISE Empowerment keynote speakers! We definitely pulled some great gems from this panel!! Overall, it was a beautiful space, a beautiful party with even more beautiful women!!

The next day was the actual convention! We came ready to take notes and soak up all of the knowledge each presenter had to offer. The convention started with a presentation from co-founder Angela Walker. She dished on CRAZY Leadership, how to build a team and be able to lead them effectively.

Next up co-founder Rochelle Graham dropped amazing gems on creating a product that sells! This was a great presentation because Rochelle has a thriving successful product line herself, and she was very candid about the keys to creating and building a product that will succeed!

Next,  all attendees wrote down their ULTIMATE GOAL onto a yellow piece of paper, then we all gathered together and held our goals high and proclaimed that we will RISE TOGETHER!! This was awesome, seeing everyone's goals and everyone's passion was very motivating.

The group broke for a quick lunch break, and we had the opportunity as VIP to meet Myleik! This was awesome for us because we both admire Myleik! She is literally our virtual mentor in our heads! After the VIP Meet and greet it was Myleik’s time to present, and let us just say; she had the audience captured! She dropped so so much knowledge it was just so refreshing to hear her speak in person! She talked about the “How to the Hustle” and if you follow Dayna on snapchat, you definitely got a sense of how that presentation went. Two points from Myleik that really speaks out to us is: “A real Hustler invests in themselves” and “If you are not poppin’ or ballin’, you should NOT be sleeping in”.  Yes, Myleik is raw and straight to the point and I know every woman in that building took so much away from her presentation.

The convention finished up with several more presentations: one by Megan Ward of Creatively Flawless. She touched on how to build and boss up your brand, sharing very awesome creative solutions on how to really elevate your brand’s aesthetic and social media platforms. Next up was a presentation by Shade Room’s VP as she talked how to create a social media maven and the keys to having a successful social media presence.

Overall the event was EXCELLENT and we definitely recommend all #BossGirls to attend!! You are guaranteed to leave inspired and motivated to take your brand to the next level. We left the event so ready to continue to push our brand and build it to the best it can be!! We are so excited for the rest of this year. We have so many amazing things in store for CHICNaturalistas!!!