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Curl Keeper Curls


I am experiencing some MAJOR curly curls and I am so excited to share what I used to achieve this super soft and defined rod set! As you guys may recall, a few months ago I tried my first wash-n-go by myself using the Curl Keeper products and it turned out AMAZING! I have been using Curl Keeper products since then and they always give me great results, so I wanted to share my results using the same products but styled in a rod set.   

 I started on clean wet hair, as you can see I experience a ton of shrinkage when my hair is wet. But that is ok because these prodcuts still give me a nice defined and stretched look

I started by using the Curl Keeper H20 spray bottle. I am obsessed with this spray bottle. I use it all of the time. It provides the perfect mist to the hair leaving every strand hydrated and ready for styling. I like for my hair to be pretty wet when doing a rod set so that the strands can lay smooth on the rod. 

Since my hair is tapered and I cannot use rods on the sides and back, I like to finger coil these areas. I first applied the 30 second detangler- Slip to my entire head. This detangler is great at making the hair super soft and easy to manage.  Slip also adjusts the PH balance of the hair to give you strong healthy hair! This stuff is great. To achieve my coils, I used the Ultimate Hold with Frizz Control Gel. I love this gel because it has a great hold without the frizziness or flaking. This gel is a water-based formula that controls frizz due to humidity.

Next, I rod the top section of my hair by again applying the Slip detangler spray to add that moisture and shine. Then, I section off small sections of my hair and apply the Tames Textured Hair Styling Cream. This styling cream is great because it allows for easy manipulation of your curls into a looser well-definied curl; which is perfect for me because I like as much length as possible. This product also eliminates frizz. Once my entire head is rodded, I let dry overnight. 

The next day I removed the rods and revealed these soft, bouncy, defined curls! My hair looked and felt amazing!! I gently separated each curl and fluffed to achieve my desired look!

I absolutely love my finished results! I know you would love these products too! Check them out at your local Target! Or you can shop on their website HERE

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