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Speak It into Existence

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At first, when I thought about writing this post I was just going to add these dope behind the scenes images of my magazine shoot and say “OMG I am going to be on a magazine cover”. You would scroll through the images, and then go on about your day. But then I said screw that, I need to talk about HOW I am going to be on a magazine cover and WHY this moment means so much to me.

I started 2017 with some big goals, just like most of you. Coming off of an amazing 2016, my goals and hopes are high for this year. The one thing I told myself that I wanted to do this year, was to build a legacy. I want to set myself, my brand CHICNaturalistas, and family up for the future. I told myself this year is about living, growing and achieving my goals within my passion. I have an amazing brand that I cannot wait to continue to elevate this year. This is all a part of building that legacy. 

I am a firm believer of speaking the things you want into existence. If you think it, proclaim it, you can achieve it, this is firmly what I believe and it has been working for me! The things I have done, I told myself I would do. When I wrote down my goals for this year; to be honest, being on a magazine cover was not on the list, but what was on the list, was building a legacy. I asked myself: what are the things that you are going to do this year to help build that legacy? How can I continue to live out my passions while inspiring and uplifting other women to achieve theirs? These are the type of things I am challenging myself with this year. Building a plan that will live after the hype and quote on quote “instal-fame”. 

So to fast forward to this magazine shoot, when I was asked to be a part of the February issue of Urban Freedom Magazine “Making Black History” edition, I was beyond honored because this is EXACTLY what I set out to do this year: make history! I cannot describe how excited I am to be a part of this project. I am always so humbled when I meet genuine, real people who really appreciate and value what I do. I don’t think I will ever get use to this feeling. 

To the women out there, that are still apprehensive about going after their dreams, my advice for you is DO IT. 

Don’t sit back waiting for someone to GIVE you your dream because they are not. No one is going to hand you your dream wrapped up nicely with a bow. It just does not happen for US.

You can control the things you want in life by truly going after it, and putting in the WORK.

I cannot wait to build my legacy this year, and continue to make black history!! Thank you again Urban Freedom Magazine for having me as your COVER GIRL!!! A special shout out to the Urban Freedom's owner Mercedez for giving me this amazing opportunity and Urban Freedom's Creative Director, Lo for the awesome interview! They both were such a pleasure to work with. 

Order the magazine here NOW! I would appreciate the love and support. 
Stay CHIC,