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Last weekend I flew to Jacksonville to host an amazing Naturals Night Out Event! It was amazing; it was filled with meeting supporters, presenting, and overall having a great time. But I am not going to lie, the weekend was exhausting. I flew out of Jacksonville at 8 am and landed in Baltimore at 10 am. I got a text from my photographer asking "Are we still shooting today?"

 I immediately looked at the text and wanted to reply back  "no, I am too tired, can we cancel." But then I thought to myself: "don't cancel this shoot, if you cancel you won't have any content for the week, so suck it up and DO IT!"

I lazily made it back home by 11 am, restyled my hair, picked out my outfits, did my make-up, and made it to my shoot by 1:00! I took these awesome pics, left by 3, and drove to Philadelphia where Aria was staying there with her grandparents. At this point I was DONE, exhausted and ready to just go straight to bed. But Aria missed me all weekend and I missed her even more, so we had to catch up and play together!

After dinner, I went to bed; only to have to wake up the next morning at 4 am to drive BACK to Baltimore to drop Aria off at daycare and get to work by 9. Most days I ask myself, how do I do it? Am I superwoman? Nope, just a woman that finds a way to get it done, ever single time. 

After driving two hours back to Baltimore, I was beyond exhausted. I walked into work and saw a card on my desk. The card was from a long-time co-worker and friend. Inside the card read an amazing note congratulating me on a great weekend, and encouraging me to continue to push hard towards my passion!

I immediately cried like a baby after this note. It was so unexpected and so on time!! You just never know who is watching and rooting you on. As tired as I was this week, I kept it pushing 

because my goals are bigger than my exhaustion. I would rather be tired as hell, knowing I am working towards my goals, than full of energy achieving nothing.

So I wrote this post to encourage you too to keep pushing!! No matter how hard it get, still find a way to get it done!! I know that will be my mentality all 2017!! Team No excuses!!! 


 Jacket: Primark
Fur: Primark
Shoes: Ego Official
Jeans: Forever 21
Top: Top Shop