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#CHICBigChop| 1. OMG I cut my hair... AGAIN

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Yup my hair is short-ER.

As you guys know, I have been rocking a tapered cut for the last 7 months. This style has become pretty much my signature. I never thought I would love short hair on me, but I have definitely fallen in love with how I look with a short cut. This past weekend I got about 4-5 inches cut off.  My hair is significantly shorter than it was a week ago. I remember doing a length check last week and my front bang extended past my chin, now it only extends to mid nose.

I am going to be quite honest; my original plan wasn’t to get my hair cut this short. I originally just wanted a little shape up. But after talking to my stylist, she determined that I needed a little more than expected cut off.

2015-09-11 12.04.12.jpg

After leaving the salon in my fresh coils and curls, I got in my car, looked at myself in the mirror and wanted to cry. It didn’t hit me that my hair was so short until about 30 minutes into my 5 hour drive to Cleveland. I instantly started to cry. I don’t know why, but I thought I looked ugly. The shorter hair was definitely an initial shock for me, and I wasn’t feeling it at all! I called my husband and told him I was bald and that all of my hair was cut off (obviously an extreme exaggeration, but I wanted him to feel my pain). I was crying my eyes out, but he somehow found a way to make me feel good about myself. I wiped away the tears and thought to myself: why am I this mad? It is JUST HAIR, it will grow back and frankly 10 times more healthy!

I am super glad that my hair is cut short, I now LOVE my cut. I got so many compliments on my hair and it reassured me that I don’t look "ugly" lol.

But with that said, I know there are women out there that feel the same way that I felt. Either they are scared to go natural and rock a short cut, or they big chopped recently and hate it. I want to be your inspiration!  I would like for you to join me in my hair growth journey!! This month, I will be starting my new natural hair journey to healthy hair. I will be documenting it each month right here on and on our youtube channel! I will come to you with my hair growth updates, tips on what I am doing, and also products that are working for my short hair! 

So definitely stay tuned for more on my journey, and if you are thinking about big chopping let me know! If you have recently big chopped, I want to be a part of your journey so comment below with your social media handles! At least twice a month I will be spotlighting two women that have big chopped. I will get the inside scoop on why they decided to big chop, how they felt after and some tips they are using for their hair while short!!  This #CHICBigChop community will serve as inspiration to us all!!

We can do this ladies…. Just remember its just hair! 

Let the growing begin!! #CHICBigChop

Hair details:
Stylist: @shaddah_elyse
Platnium Hair Studio
Owings Mills MD

Stay CHIC,