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It has been a while since my Ari D made an appearance on the blog but she came back in true Aria fashion!! I am so obsessed with these pics of us, you have no idea!! My photographer Jay captured us so perfectly!! We received these awesome shirts from Ozzie + Olive. I decided to style us the same, because let's face it; mommy/daughter matching is the cutest!!! If you are loving these t-shirts too, you can snag them HERE and use my code ITSDAYNADANE to recieve 20% off! Discount expires on 8/19!

Photos by: Jessica Mason (@jayyymayphotos)

FEATURED ON: Made Beautiful INSPIRE Takeover

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Made By Beautiful’s INSPIRE line is out and Aria and I were so excited to take over their Instagram page on Sunday to show our day and how we use the products! The INSPIRE line is made for both Mommy and Daughter, so of course, this line is PERFECT for us! When I tell you, this line is EVERYTHING, it is EVERYTHING! It works so very well on Aria’s hair! Aria has thick, kinky hair, so the fact that this product line is able to soften and detangle her hair with ease made me a fan!!! This line is available at Sally Beauty Supply and is definitely worth checking out!

Check out my Mini Hair Tutorial with Aria HERE ON MY INSTAGRAM Page!

THE CHIC MOM| Denim and Black

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Yep, this is me 99% of the time, chasing after Aria! It seems like a minute since I have done a CHIC Mom post, but I am going to be honest; it is tough taking pics of a 2 year old! All Aria wants to do is run around, watch Frozen, or read her Brown Bear book lol. If you follow me on snapchat (itsdaynadane), you will know Aria is a HUGE part of me! She is the smartest, funniest little girl and I am excited to share more of her not only on my snap, but on the blog!! So stay tuned for more appearances from my Ari! 

Check out our denim and black sporty style!

Ari: Jacket: Baby Gap| Shirt & Pants: Target| Shoes: Addidas (Kids Foot Locker)
Dayna: Jeans & Jacket: H&M | Shoes: Converse
Necklaces: @HeavyMedal